Runback/Retort with… Parappa

What’s up, everyone? Hope you had the chance to catch Combo Breaker recently. The crew had a great showing over there so a big shout out to the troops making their presence felt. Now, Zidiane’s retort brought to my attention that I wasn’t clear cut with my points. I’d like to explain my thoughts exactly to clear up any possible misunderstandings.

First off and most importantly, I fully agree with all his points made. The pulse of a game is not dictated by the quantity of its fans and/or players. Old games like Vampire Savior, Super Turbo, KOF98 have just as fierce competition and passionate following as their modern successors. Underground or ‘small’ games, if you will, can very much so bring the noise. What can be considered underground/unpopular in one location can be what’s hype in another. Smaller numbers doesn’t tell the story of the skill put in for the battles across side tournaments & the love to continually keep the game going. A flame that stays lit always has a chance of spreading.

Secondly, we as the players (like any other consumer) decide what product/game is used. Street Fighter V is the latest installment of the pioneer series behind our community, but it isn’t the only way into or way to success & popularity in the FGC. When I say companies “…hold all the cards for a franchise”, they have the last word on what direction a series goes creatively. They decide if another game is in their hand (say Marvel vs. Capcom 4) or if a character makes it in, et cetera. You won’t find the same narrative, cast, basically overall universe in Street Fighter from any other source besides Capcom; likewise with Mortal Kombat from Netherrealm Studios and so on.

As evidenced in my previous write-ups, I can be very sarcastic at times. In this case, it was directed towards anyone slamming Street Fighter V as if they will stop playing the game in addition to any unnecessary pile on. The latter stunted (practically buried) the growth of Street Fighter X Tekken. Our community is vast enough where, if you look hard enough, you will find a scene playing a throwback or an off the beaten path game that runs similar to whatever you have gripes with. However, I doubt that is what these loudmouths are doing. Besides that, I’m optimistic in my comparison to Killer Instinct since, despite its initial hiccups, it turned into one of the better fighting games we have right now. All it takes is one right move on Capcom’s part for the angry mob to turn into worshippers… it really is a headache.

Lastly and very important to myself personally, I want Street Fighter V to succeed to its fullest potential. The development of SF5 is far from a sprint; it’s a stumble out the gate of a long marathon. We have Capcom branches throwing each other under the bus, which displays a whole lack of communication on every part. On the upside, they are trying to be more transparent with more issues than I expected them to acknowledge. It doesn’t erase or rectify any mistakes just yet, but it’s a step towards progress and it’s going to be gradual improvement to get everything in shape. As a fan, it’s very disappointing to receive sub-par results & feedback thus far. Nonetheless, I take what is given because I still love the series & like the core game enough to sign up for the long haul with hopes that we see SF5 for what it’s really worth as soon as possible.

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