The Dynamek Perspective: If I Ruled the FGC…

Don't mind me, folks... I'm just feeling a little wistful at the moment. With everything going on right now in the FGC, it helps to just disconnect from it and let my mind wander. Nothing but an imperfect man dreaming of a perfect world.

If I ruled the FGC... there would be more coordination between major events throughout the calendar year. I've always felt a small swell of pity for my brothers & sisters -- that aren't sponsored -- who aim to attend as many events throughout the months as possible. Thus far, 2016 has proven wildly eventful between the new releases & sizable updates/expansions to existing titles. Sadly, there will never be enough hours in the day to really knuckle down on all of them, which is a shame because this latest generation of fighters just has so much to offer us in terms of content & entertainment. Don't even get me started on the flames of competitive spirit that they've ignited in so many people. Seeing that passion in the eyes & hearing it in the voices of the FGC make (almost) all the hassles we go through not only seem worthwhile, but somewhat irrelevant. Regardless if you're a competitor, spectator, streamer or organizer, that indescribable spark that flares whenever we're all in our element together is truly awe-inspiring.

If I ruled the FGC... I would institute a more cohesive infrastructure between locals, regionals & majors. My perfect scenario would involve a series of weekly and/or monthly events throughout any given area that tally up league points and, at the turn of every season (winter to spring, spring to summer, etc.), a more inclusive countywide or citywide event would bring all these regions together. During the summer, you expand that scope and get the whole state involved. Once the leaves start changing color, you take all those statewide winners and you have them face off against each other. At the end of the fiscal year, and I say that because we all know how everyone scatters towards the end of December, you get the whole country involved and open your doors & hearts to the public that has been following these players since that first monthly event. Then, right before that last holiday break, you gather all those champions from around the world & have yourself a "Quest" style tournament to determine the truly greatest player among them. Damn, that'd be awesome!

If I ruled the FGC... no game would be made to feel inferior. One thing I've witnessed over the years that breaks my heart is seeing either a game or its community get a bum rap from people who have either never played the game or hung out with the community. We're all in this together, so why not lift each other up? For a good majority of us, this all started way back when we were just kids trying to save up quarters so we could either head to the corner store or convince our parents/relatives to take us to an arcade so that we could lose ourselves in the cyclone of digital cacophony that embodied so many of our dreams & imaginations. Once those quarters dropped, the rest of the world faded away and we were totally enveloped in that experience. Best part about those days? No one was pointing fingers or slinging ridicule. We were all just trying to get better.

If I ruled the FGC... games would be released at the fullest possible capacity from Day One. No more rushed schedules, glaring bugs or crippling glitches. Just pure functional & enjoyable entertainment. If that means that some games would have to be delayed, then so be it. Patience should be rewarded, not stretched to a breaking point. Foregoing that arduous process would bring us all that much closer to the games we love. Imagine knowing a game will be released on a particular date, purchasing that game upon release & being able to dive headfirst into whatever it had to offer you as an experience. Now imagine all that without the daggers of 'early patches & (pointless) DLC' hanging over you. Wouldn't it be great to just... play the games?

If I ruled the FGC... there would be one easily affordable console per generation strictly for all the fighters on the market. Something that has become far too prevalent in this day & age is the concept of exclusivity. I'm well aware of the science & logic that go into exclusive titles/deals, but I can't ignore the frustration it creates. It would make things so much easier, too. Not only from a competitive standpoint, but also in terms of organization. Such a smooth operation that could be.

However, as fun as all that might sound in theory, they would be catastrophic in practice. The coordination & infrastructure combo is borderline isolationism when you stop to think about it and would be a logistical nightmare trying to set up, align & organize all that. Sure, it might be easier on a few wallets, but it would ultimately breed tribalism which would degenerate into segregation and that wouldn't end well for anybody. Ironically, that brings me back to the idea treating all games equally. Again, a practically romantic ideal to have, but human nature is in direct conflict with it. Without the scrutiny that disdain brings our attention to, we would collectively grow complacent... almost to a perversely idyllic extreme. Not having any patches & whatnot wouldn't work, either. Hindsight is 20/20 and there are any number of things that can go wrong after a "complete" game is released. Treading slowly along that path to being 100% optimal is the best course of action. As for the "one console to play them all", that's just terrible business sense. Regardless of however affordable it could be, you would still be forced to purchase another console for all the other games you wanted to play. That kind of burden would be counter-intuitive and ultimately disastrous. Reality can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.

Still, though... it's fun to dream.

Still, though... it's fun to dream.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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