The Malloy List – August 2016

Oh, man... what a week! First SJX, then Mashfest and now Chinatown Beatdown is right around the corner! Suffice it to say, yours truly has been busy. I'm even late with this month's Malloy List induction. This simply won't do. 

Now, as I stated earlier, I'm dedicating all my written words to KOF XIV this month. Seriously, can you blame me? With that being said, I'm going to work in reverse today because I'd like to think it's fairly obvious which game I'll be assigning this month's inductees to. No sense in beating around the bush when the bush is already burning (on the inside). However, the famous 3-on-3 team mechanic of the game would pose a problem -- especially since I kind of already played that particular hand not too long ago -- if it weren't for the simple fact that the trio I'm nominating today are a shining example of both teamwork & individuality.

Don't let the boy's innocence fool you, he is far more capable then he looks.

Don't let the boy's innocent smile fool you... he is far more dangerous than he looks.

They... are the Crystal Gems. Full disclosure, I didn't originally like Steven Universe in the beginning. Sure, it was cute and all, but the 'point' didn't present itself early enough for me to retain interest. Thankfully, all that changed one fateful Saturday afternoon thanks to one its weekly themed marathons. I ended up seeing the two-part season finale, "The Return/Jailbreak". An overwhelming amount of very sensitive information is revealed during those episodes. Suddenly, my curiosity was piqued and (as most of you already know) I'm a slave to my curiosity. The more I looked into it, the more the show captivated me. Between the (somewhat surprising) history of most of the cast, the show's amazing use of music and the complex nature of the relationships between some of the characters, there's a LOT to unload with this show. Needless to say, I've been watching ever since.

While there are a lot of characters that one could say comprises the team, I'm actually only going to be focusing on the primary trio of Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl. Leading the team, we have Garnet. Judging solely based on her size & choice of weapon, one could almost immediately liken her to Maxima, but Garnet is remarkably agile for her size. On that merit, I imagine she's on step with Leona. Such a combination is usually reserved for boss characters, but that's just her natural level of skill. Next up is Amethyst, the team's resident hedonist. Given her size, one could compare her to either Chin, Tung or Choi and that would be a fair assessment if it weren't for her unique ability: shapeshifting. With that at her disposal, she can go full Shinnok on any opponent. Such an ability has yet to be seen in KOF. Last, but definitely not least, we have Pearl. Pearl is very meticulous & methodical. Her attacks are always calculated, precise & super effective. Since her weapon of choice is a spear, the idea that she would resemble Billy Kane in combat is a quick assessment, but mistaken. If anybody, Pearl has far more in common with Shion than any other warrior in this game's storied history.

Amazing as everything the Gems bring to the proverbial table is, what really convinced me that they'd be a perfect fit for this game is their greatest ability of all: fusion. Gem fusion seems almost tailor-made for the Climax Cancel system (which is what fusion is all about). Picture this: each Gem has a Super Attack that would see them fuse with either of the other two. The best part is that having all three of them together forms Alexandrite and she could be each Gem's Climax Super by using an all-powerful attack based on whichever member of the team you're playing as. We can even take this a step further and have Steven, Connie or Stevonnie come out & celebrate during their victory poses. Hmm... when you lay it all out in the open like that, it almost feels as if this was the plan all along.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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