Character Battle: Zankuro Minazuki VS Hakumen

I hope the holiday weekend treated everybody well. The extra day off allowed me to really put in some work with KOF XIV. Back to reality, though, which means it's time for another Character Battle...

Contrary to what some might think, the Dynamek One is a simple guy. I do my combos one input at a time just like everyone else. That being said, I like the simple things. One such simple thing is the opportunity to have characters from different games face off against each other in strange & bizarre ways. That's what this particular column is all about. It does not always have to be about who would win in a fight... there are any number of different places you can go to online that specialize in that sort of thing. Here, we like to mix things up for the sake of having fun.

One of the many characteristics that have always swayed my decision when it comes to the characters I play is how imposing they are. At 6'3" & 275 lbs. with a shaved head and prominently red beard, I look like Suge Knight's Irish mini-me. Because of the hand genetics has dealt me, people often assume that I'm mean, which anyone that spends five minutes talking to me will know couldn't be further from the truth. Practically because of my appearance & the unfortunate image it projects, I try to be as approachable as possible. That's not to say I don't have my moments of blinding white hot rage, I just prefer to channel it into my gaming. Catharsis by digital proxy, know what I mean? That's why I'll always have a soft spot for the fighters who look intimidating, which is why this month's Battle will be a contest to see who is the Most Intimidating Swordsman!


Oh, I bet someone's Sword Senses are tingling...

Although one could make the argument for doing so, this is NOT a contest to see who has the most beautiful flowing hair. Before you are two of the most feared & renowned swordsmen in damn near all of gaming. Just the mere mention of either warrior is enough to illicit a sense of dread in pretty much any opponent. Rest assured, they both earned their fearsome reputations by way of the blade.

Often called "the Demon" due to his once unstoppable bloodlust, Zankuro Minazuki is a terrifying figure to find standing in your path. Standing at an impressive 7'11", he towers over his opponents (with a few exceptions, of course). It's not entirely known what set him on the path of slaughter, but what is known that it both began & ended with his family. One his very first victims happened to be his wife, Misuzu. After her death, he wandered with the sole intent of killing everything in his path. That all came to an abrupt end when the image of his forgotten daughter managed to pierce through his madness. After coming to his senses, he retired from slaying & became a hermit. His only purpose in life now is to atone for his countless sins by dueling the strongest swordsmen he could find in hopes of killing "the Demon".

Far away from the fields & villages of feudal Japan, lies the age of the Black Beast & the Six Heroes. At the front of the legendary pack stands Hakumen! As an opposite to Zankuro's reputation a heartless slayer of men, Hakumen is hailed as the greatest hero of his age. There's just one tiny issue: he exists in a very sordid time loop. Even more, he has a secret! Due to the events of said time loop, Hakumen is actually Jin Kisaragi. Time travel can be a cruel mistress. Despite being displaced in this era, Hakumen does not let anything distract him from his goal of destroying the Black Beast at its core.

So how does any of this translate on the intimidation scale. Well, both warriors are known far & wide for their inhuman prowess with the sword and they both -definitely- live up to their legends. However, something on Hakumen's side of the equation that chips away at his persona a little bit and that's Jin. Look, I got nothing against the guy (hell, he's one of my mains in BlazBlue), but he can really be a whiny prick at his core who has a VERY uncomfortable fixation on his estranged brother. Apologies, but that's like hiding a bad credit score to me. On the other hand, Zankuro was ever only a brutal murderer. Hard to argue who's more intimidating with that on the table.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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