The Malloy List – September 2016

Man, October is going to be one seriously busy month for us... and it hasn't even started yet! Be that as it may, yours truly has a job to do. This month's inductee onto the Malloy List is the poster child for perfection.

There are very few people who could realistically compare with this month's inductee. Almost everything about him is intimidating, but what stands heads & shoulders above all of that... is his frightening intellect. Everything that makes him so formidable stems directly from how sharp his mind truly is. Level Twelve be damned, this guy most likely breezed past that plateau before finishing puberty.

"Oh, hell... I forgot to feed the S.Q.U.I.D. before company arrived!"

Adrian Alexander Veidt, a.k.a. "Ozymandias". If you have experienced Alan Moore's Watchmen in any form over the years, you already know how dangerous this man is. We're talking about a guy who (within in his original canon) is universally recognized as the "smartest man on the planet". How smart? Well, *DECADES OLD SPOILER ALERT*, we're talking about a man who was able to fool a virtually omnipotent being. For all intents & purposes, that should be f***ing impossible, but he found a way to not only pull it off, but to also get said omnipotent being to go along with the plan!

However, I'm getting ahead of myself. Adrian's prodigious talents were apparent from birth. It actually got to the point where he opted to dumb himself down for the sake of appearances. It wasn't until a fortuitous encounter with a bully opened his eyes to the futility of such a charade. Afterwards, he pretty much turned it all the way up to 11 & graduated cum laude at the age of 14. Tragedy struck a few years later when his parents were died. Almost immediately after inheriting their vast fortune, he gave it all away to charity. He would spend the next few years globetrotting & expanding his mind. His travels led him to idea of becoming a superhero. Despite his numerous efforts, the inescapable truth hit him like a freight train in the form of the Comedian. From there, the rest was simply a matter of planning...

So where the hell do you even place a guy like this? Well, as fate would have it, DC Comics haphazardly did my job for me. *MORE RECENT SPOILER ALERT*, Doctor Manhattan was recently revealed to be the architect of "Rebirth". As such, there's a chance that Adrian has already appeared in the DC Universe as the mysterious Mr. Oz. Because of all the circumstances obviously pointing in this direction, the answer is simple: Injustice 2. Since it has already been heavily implied, why not just commit to the idea & take this all the way home? Within the context, Ozymandias is a (frankly terrifying) hybrid of Bruce Wayne & Lex Luthor. Not just in terms of intelligence & physical prowess, either. Ideologically speaking, Adrian has the insane foresight of Batman in order to be able to think ahead that many moves in any given scenario AND the moral compass (or lack thereof) that Lex employs whenever he chooses to enact a plan that could very well devastate the lives of millions. Like I said before, a terrifying hybrid of two extremes.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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