Character Battle: I-No VS Lord Raptor

Fresh off my trip up north, I have returned to recharge my batteries a bit before heading down south. The Dynamek One's job is never done. As such, there's work to do before I hit the road...

Since this is the bewitching month and all, I figured it would be appropriate to have this month's Character Battle be between two figures that... well, let's just say that they fit the season. However, thanks to a recent Manhattan trip, my musical tastes have been piqued a little earlier than usual. So it got me to thinking. Given our contestants this month, I want to know who is the Most Entertaining Rocker!

I get the feeling that AC/DC would love this month's article.

I get the feeling that AC/DC would love this month's article.

Like I said, my musical interests were piqued. Didn't I tell you they were perfect for the season? We have two of the most "colorful" fighters squaring against each other in a good old fashioned rock off. I enjoy a good live show, with one of my favorite concert memories being the time I got to see Dethklok live. (For the record, Weird Al wasn't anything to sneeze at... that guy is intense during his performances.) I bring this up because these two both have ties to performance. There is something, though, that tips the scales in this particular contest, but I'll get to that in a minute...

In one corner, we have the six string seductress from Guilty Gear, I-No. Easily one of the more mysterious figures within the storyline (and that's really saying something), I-No serves That Man. While doing so begrudgingly, she will carry out her orders with frightful efficiency. As such, she also remarkably powerful. One such skill is the time travel, but she refrains from using because it's difficult. On top of that, she obviously has tremendous destructive power at her command. Every ounce of which is used against her opponents. In terms of personality, she can be callous & abrasive. She's also somewhat inappropriate at times, making sexual references & innuendo whenever she speaks to people. No pun intended, but yeah... she's a character alright.

Then there's Lord Raptor. Sweet sassy molassey, this guy was a piece of work. To his credit, he is an actual musician. A rather successful one, at that. He got his start on the indie scene with an impressive debut album that was critically acclaimed, but commercially avoided. His next album, though, went platinum. After that, success just latched onto him like a stingy case of fleas. Turns out that, while he was a charismatic & talented bloke, the key to his success actually stemmed from hiding excerpts from various curses & incantations within his music. This all culminated in his final live performance (operative word being "live") where he committed suicide, all of his fans in the audience died & he was resurrected into the form we all know and love. W-T-actual-F?!

So who do I feel would be more entertaining? Like I said, something tipped the scales in the favor of one fighter today. You see, that reference to Dethklok wasn't coincidental. While I love their music, the whole "death waiver" business at their concerts is admittedly a bit of a turn-off. While I'm sure his sound was amazing, believe it or not, I am not actually willing to die for good music. I-No, on the other hand, really only ever went about killing one person at a time with her music. Call me crazy, but I like those odds.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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