The Malloy List – October 2016

Another month, another name etched onto the Malloy List. While I may not enjoy all the festivities that usually come with this time of year, I'm not ignorant of the season. That being said, this month's inductee definitely fits the bill.

Before I get rolling with the selection this month, I want to remind everyone the concept behind this column. The name "Malloy" actually comes from Terry Malloy, Marlon Brando's character from the 1954 movie "On the Waterfront". Don't feel weird about not remembering the movie. Unless you're a film student, I honestly wouldn't expect you to. While the finer details of the film might escape you, one thing EVERYONE knows is its most famous line of dialogue:

"I coulda been a contender... I coulda been somebody."

Most people remember that quote backwards. I imagine saying it in reverse feels more dramatic. Anyways, that sentiment is at the heart of this column. There are any number of characters throughout the entire gamut of fiction that would be perfect fits for different games. That's what I do here: choose a character from one form/medium of entertainment and try my best to recommend their inclusion onto the roster of a fighting game. Not always an easy task, but a) that's why I only do it once a month and b) well, it's fun.

As I was saying earlier, this month's inductee is about as unique as they come. Reason I say that is because they're the result of a completely original idea. Since those are very few & far between nowadays, I figured that deserved a little extra spotlight. Also, just a heads up, calling this month's inductee "original" would be something a stretch...

"Seriously, who throws car keys to win an argument? A crazy person, that's who."

"Seriously, who throws car keys to win an argument? An angry wife, that's who."

Now I know I can't be the only person that's ever thought of this. The Creeper almost feels as though it was supposed to be in a video game, but someone at a meeting somewhere got their papers mixed up & gave the wrong presentation to the room. Possible cosmic snafus aside, this guy is really something else... actually, it's everything else. Creeper survives/maintains its immortality by cannibalizing anyone who happens to be in its path during its every 23 years late night snack binge. It also hunts with purpose. Should Creeper see a particularly enviable body part, it kills whoever said limb or organ is attached to and replaces its previous version with the latest acquisition. "Upgrade" is the name of the game, baby!

So where do you take a being like the Creeper in terms of fighting games? As much as I'm tempted to go with MKXL, that game already has more than enough guest characters on its roster. Adding Creeper would only cheapen the overall experience. Can't have that on my conscience. However, I realized that I was looking in the wrong direction. After a little rewiring of my thought process, I actually had an epiphany! Know what game he would be absolutely perfect for? Vampire Savior! Or, if you will, the Creeper would be excellent for a NEW Vampire Savior game. I can already feel some skepticism, so grant me the opportunity to properly elaborate...

With the earlier games, you had Pyron & Jedah, respectively. The former wanted to add Earth to his collection of planets, while the latter wanted to recreate all life by fusing the whole of creation into a single being. Both of these are perfectly legitimate reasons to slug it out with a few monsters en route to making a stand against said antagonist. This is where the Creeper comes into play. Let it be known that a new threat has arisen, supernatural beings the world over are being hunted & mutilated. The sheer carnage of each attack immediately disqualifies any human or half-breed involvement. Suddenly, all those who stalk the dark are no longer at the top of that proverbial food chain anymore. Hell, you can even throw in one of those fast forwards that are, apparently, all the rage in fighters as of late. Bring in some new blood, new creatures of the night, put some years of wear & tear on a few of those returning faces. Not only does this give a great opportunity to revitalize a great franchise, but it also gives you credibility to do so. How sweet is that, eh?

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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