Marvel Ramblings & Rants: A New Age of Rumors

Well, then. I genuinely never thought I'd be talking about this again. After the last conversation I had on MVC4 here, I felt I had wrapped up most of my opinions on the subject. Yet, here we are...

As I said in my last article on the subject, I don't think today's Capcom can ship a product that would be satisfying for me. The main appeal of MVC4 today is that it has iconic characters in it, but with the X-Men thought to be excluded due to licensing issues with Fox, a lot of that connection I would have had with the cast is gone. That's all I have to add on that front, as the bulk of the topic today will revolve around the rumor of the game itself, which the internet isn't as willing to let rest.

So, you've probably recently heard all the hoopla about an imminent Marvel vs Capcom 4 announcement. People have made fake teasers for it, which came from all the people just repeating "I want MVC4" over and over again. After that, some "mysterious anonymous sources" told Polygon that it was happening, and since then, the internet has been ablaze with this confirmation. Other news sites are taking the news and running with it, which is adding fuel to the fire.

Now, if you can't already tell, I'm not putting any real weight behind MVC4 happening. I just genuinely don't think it's happening. It might, and if it does, it's supposedly being announced on December 3rd or 4th during Playstation Experience. I'm not holding my breath. If it happens, hey, I'm just another guy who was wrong on the internet. But if it doesn't happen? Well... what does that mean?

If Marvel vs Capcom 4 does not happen, it means a few different things. For starters, it means that we are entirely too easy to fool. We get so wrapped up in the idea of something rather than its substance. You could extend that same stance to the games we get excited for and areas of the internet outside of fighting games. Seriously, how many times has a fake news story taken Twitter or Facebook by storm?

In addition to this, it means that we put too much stock in news sites, which, in turn, makes them more likely to run with whatever they want. What kind of gaming site would report on a rumor? Is it a news site at that point? Is a rumor news? No, it isn't. A rumor is a possibility. It could be spun to look like news, yes, but that's the end of it. At its core, a rumor is the Schrödinger's cat of news. Either it is or it isn't. However, until it is proven or debunked, it's both at the same time. Reporting on it through a news site gives it validity. Just look at what happened once Polygon reported on a rumor: Everyone else immediately treated it as if it was confirmed by the company itself. This sets us up for a fall, one that'll seriously hurt if Capcom doesn't deliver during Playstation Experience. This is all before even the false excitement everyone had over Capcom's poorly explained Akuma teaser, which has been said to not be an announcement for Akuma in SFV.

Now, If December 5th rolls around and we have an MVC4 release date, awesome. Onward with the status quo. And what if we don't, though? Who do we blame? Capcom for allowing the rumors to spread unabated? The fans for crying for it for almost a year nonstop? The artist who crafted that fake image which caused all this constant chirping? EventHubs for reporting on a fake image first? Polygon for treating rumors as fact? Every other news site for not fact-checking Polygon? Everyone who wanted an MVC4 so bad that they spread this news without any care for validity? I don't really have the answer because, in all honesty, there's no one clear person to point the finger at.

I -almost- want to believe it... almost.

I -almost- want to believe it... almost.

One thing I do know is that we've been set up for a fall and that possible dose of gravity is going to hurt like hell if there's no ground underneath our next step.

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