The Dynamek Perspective – Special Edition: Wrong, Not Sorry

As I live & breathe, wonders never cease... what I thought was improbable has now been proven possible. While I am right on a few small things, I was wrong about the most important thing & I'm big enough to admit that.

Allow me to start this off by saying that, while I do concede that Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is going to happen, I am not sorry that I didn't immediately jump on the bandwagon... never going to be, either. The reason for this stance is because I had to watch one too many uncomfortable things go down recently from a journalistic standpoint. Here's a little something you might not know about me: I've been a writer since college. To one degree or another, I've been involved in either journalism or literature for about a decade now. As such, there are protocols regarding journalism that both dictate the structure of how information is received & sets in place various levels of scrutiny in order to determine fact from fiction. Over the last few days, I've seen a lot of that thrown to wayside in order to boost readership. Sorry, but I'm just not cool with that.

Running with anonymous sources that cannot be verified isn't journalism. Yes, I'm fully aware of NDAs & the like, but if your source is under the preventive measures of such an agreement, don't count them as a source because what tiny little bit of information that's gleamed from them cannot be taken as fact. We're not afforded that luxury for two important reasons: 1) The veracity of the claim(s) becomes immaterial since it can't be backed up and 2) if the information is picked up by someone else & goes public through whatever means, you've now become complicit in disseminating possible misinformation. As a writer, that is offensive to me. If you want to report on something, report on something that can be tangibly verified. Don't just fuel the fires of the rumor mill in order to boost your numbers... I'd like to believe that we are collectively better than that, so let's act like it.

Okay, now that that's out of my system, there are few people I want to address directly because the announcements made on Saturday affect all of us within the FGC. First & foremost, to everyone who doubted that this would ever happen (which also includes myself, so don't feel too bad... you're not alone): You were wrong. There's nothing unforgivable about that, so don't flip out or anything & don't let anyone try to rile you up over it. Regardless of how much everyone who loves Mahvel may have wanted this to happen for so long or all the websites who chose to skirt around a few basic principles of journalism, the odds were going to be 50/50 right up until Saturday morning. Now that MVCI is a reality, let's accept it for what it's worth and either embrace or (possibly) reject it on the merits of its gameplay.

To the Mahvel community: How's that view from Cloud 9? The other day, I said that you were long overdue for a silver lining and, baby, you just hit the jackpot. Not only are you going to get MVCI sometime next year, but you're ALSO getting UMVC3 on all current gen consoles. That's just a win-win situation across the board, right there. Be that as it may, I would like to issue a few words of caution moving forward...

  1. Be wise with your money: I know the urge to get right back into UMVC3 is probably off the charts, but opt to be frugal for right now. Remember, this is just a port, so it's not as if anything new is being added to the game. Also, as ridiculous as it might sound, there could possibly still be a few of you out there that haven't made the jump to PS4 or XOne yet. Save up a little and change that so that you're not left out when Infinite is released.
  2. Don't be ingracious in victory: After the announcements yesterday, there were obviously a lot of various reactions. Some people were ecstatic & others were fulfilling promises they made should a new game be announced. (FYI, that's including our own KPB|DaPurpleSharpie, who vowed she'd kiss her dog's ass if they made an announcement. I can respect that... I'm big on people who stick to their word.) However, I did see a few people who -- if I'm to be frank -- should know better than to be abrasive at times like this. For the sake of everybody involved, all I could hope for is that the community will be more "OMG, I can't believe it actually happened!" and a lot less "OMG, I f*ckin' told all you haters it was gonna happen!". Let's just keep things positive & cordial, okay?
  3. Support your new game: You have waited the better part of a decade for this to happen, so don't let ANYTHING stop you from showing up for your game. Do not let that comfort zone mentality hold you back, do not try to hold out until the cameras show up  and do not wait for someone to throw money at you before you start taking things seriously. Be there to play your game at every possible location, whether it's a monthly local, a mid-level regional or a definite major... BE THERE & PLAY YOUR GAME because that is how MVCI will either wonderfully succeed or fail miserably! Also, and I'm intentionally repeating myself here, just play the game. Unless there's something else revealed of the gameplay that counts as a dealbreaker for you, don't say you are/aren't going to do one thing or another regarding a game that has not been released yet. Spare everyone that noise.

And, finally, to Capcom: Congratulations, ladies & gentlemen. You've managed to regain an incredible amount of good faith in a remarkably short time by, somewhat ironically, not treating your fans & customers like POWs. All of you took the dreams of the community & made real something that they can actually look forward to. Know what? I'm actually a little proud of you, Capcom. This last decade & change has been... spotty for you in a lot ways, but you managed to deliver & in a big way. However, while I can appreciate that you're aiming to bring on a whole new generation of gamers, I'm old enough to recognize that I've been down this road with you before. That being said, I'm not going to lecture you... not going to chide you... won't even berate you. All I am going to say is this, and to prove how serious I am in my earnest right now, I'm going to float my "no profanity" rule for just one very important sentence that I pray gets through to you:

Please, Capcom... do not... fuck this up.

Yes, although a little brasen, it's a simple request. I am begging this of you because, and I'm speaking to you as both an old fan & old friend, I honestly don't know how devastating a backlash could be at this particular stage of the game for you. (No pun intended.) You've made so many people happy just by doing your job & I'm positive you want to strike while the iron's hot, so please do everything in your power to resist that nefarious urge to rush any part of development, nickle & dime people to death with microtransactions or egregiously hide on-disc content behind a pay wall. Be better than that because, even though you've made a LOT of mistakes in the past (and some in the present), I know you are better than that deep down inside. Never thought I'd say this again, but... I have faith in you.

Please don't betray the trust this guy's appearance helped to repair.

Don't betray the trust that this character's inclusion helped to repair.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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