The Malloy List – March 2017

Another month winding down, another name etched onto the hallowed Malloy List. Today, we're shining the spotlight on someone who (quite literally) lives up to this column's namesake...

While this may shock some of you, I'm somewhat neutral when it comes to comic books. Have I ever preferred one publisher over another? Not really... all I want are characters that leave an impact on me & stories that make me look at the world around me a little differently. I don't think that's asking too much. The catch to all this, of course, is that I didn't have the standards for quality that I have now back when I first got into comics and graphic novels. What eventually led me to having those standards was the DC Animated Universe.

Until that moment when all the pieces fell into place, the concept of interconnectivity between different characters/plots simply didn't register. I honestly couldn't wrap my head around the idea that numerous stories could converge at a single narrative point. In hindsight, I had already been exposed to another example of what the DCAU accomplished, but didn't realize it until years later. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. All that being said, there was a character from the very early stages of the DCAU's continuity that appealed to my younger, imaginative self.

Terry would be proud... hysterically freaked out, but proud.

As fate would have it, Clayface is a legacy name with the DC's history. Not unlike the Dread Pirate Roberts, more than one person has used the name. Sticking with the parameters set a few paragraphs ago, I'm going to be focusing on Matt Hagen. Hagen was a world renowned actor -- hell, for all we know, he may have actually performed in a production of On the Waterfront -- that was dealing with something some actors are forced under towards the end of their careers: the passage of time. In order to attempt cheating the clock by a few years, he got a little overexposed with an unstable "beauty cream" called Renuyu. Said overexposure completely warped his molecular structure to the point where he can manipulate his appearance to either look like anyone or get creative with the dismemberment.

Now what shouldn't come as a surprise is where I want to put this guy. I didn't need to think twice about this at all. Put this man in Injustice 2. They're already talking about having over 30 characters in the game, so why not throw Matty into the action? I sincerely doubt he has anything better to do. Besides, how many other villains had you raided from Batman's rogues gallery to fill out the first game's roster? One more won't hurt. Here's the best thing about Clayface being in the game: he can fulfill that shapeshifter/mimic role that NRS has such an affinity for in their games. Naturally, he'll have a few original attacks of his own that take full advantage of his abilities, but you got a golden opportunity on your hands to have him go full terracotta on a few asses. I cannot be the only person who thinks that would be awesome!

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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