The Malloy List – April 2017

"No rest for the weary", they say... guess that applies to me now, huh? While it is very true that I have been extraordinarily busy as of late (with no signs of slowing down on the horizon), there's still work to be done...

Another month soon to be pulled away from the calendar, another name etched onto the hallowed Malloy List. The beauty of this column is that there will never be a shortage of people who, for all intents & purposes, could most likely hold their own in a fighting game. Or, at the very least, make it that much more interesting. Now, for my money, there's nothing more interesting than a character that either defies your expectations or turns them on their head. The rare specimen that, despite everything you know (or think you do) about how things generally work, proves to be even more than you could ever imagined. This month's selection fit that bill for me... and in a big way. (Remember me saying this because it's going to come into play later.)

One of the few people who could likely give Ralf's durability a run for its money.

The legend of Sin City... Marv was that specimen for me. At first glance, Marv doesn't look like much more than a descendant of Frankenstein's monster. However, despite his callous exterior, there is a noble & just heart beating under that chest. Although it doesn't always sync up perfectly with the law -- or the concept of being humane -- Marv's sense of right & wrong is a characteristic I happen to admire about him. He protects those weaker than him, never lets his friends down, loves his momma & always keeps his word... the type of man I try to be in my day to day life. Unfortunately, the other side of his proverbial coin is the nigh unmistakable fact that he's clearly suffering from PTSD. As such, Marv has moments where he can't completely trust himself. That moral uncertainty, the fear that he's always on the verge of becoming a psycho killer, is something else that I happen to find endearing & relatable.

To take this a step further, I really have to give credit where credit is due in regards to Mickey Rourke for bringing Marv to life in the Sin City movies. However, the real victory in his portrayal actually comes from Clive Owen as he gives us an abridged version of Dwight's description of Marv. Those words reverberated with me on a personal level, brothers & sisters. At the end of the day, that is the ultimate truth of Marv: he's a fighter. God help you if you end up on the wrong side of Marv because when he's focused on kicking ass, this man is a force of nature.

So where do you put a guy like this? Well, remember earlier when I talked about overturning expectations? That heavily plays into my choice this month. You see, I want to put Marv in DOA5: Last Round. Before you freak out, understand that I have a specific reason for this choice. Actually, a few. For starters, given all the high impact action that takes place, I get the feeling our boy Marv could take it. Seriously, this guy almost regularly jumps/gets thrown out of apartment building windows & finds himself on the receiving end of multiple car accidents... while not being in a car himself. Secondly, the game could honestly stand to have a little more ugly on the roster. Marv has no allusions about his appearance, so seeing a guy who has less Magic Mike appeal than the rest of the male cast, but could still bust skulls with the best of them, wouldn't exactly hurt. If memory serves correct, I believe I've talked about this kind of thing before...

Finally, and I think this might be the most interesting development from placing him in this game, I would love to see how Marv's sense of chivalry would be tested with battling against a predominantly female roster. It raises more than a few questions and I think that's something worth looking into. Remember, this is a guy who casually chose to get pistol whipped over raising a hand in anger against a woman who had every intention of shooting him in the face at point blank range. I would love to know how he intends to handle someone like Christie, but I guess that'll just have to remain a hypothetical matchup for now.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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