Your Life, My Plaything…

For those who play or played Killer Instinct at any time of the 2013 remake knows of a particular vampire character known as Mira that bit into the scene of the third season of the game.

Even though some people hated the idea of her within the game, others like myself found she had one of the best playstyles of at least the third season characters. She has the tools to be a high-risk/high-reward kind of scenario. For those that chose the dark path to vampire-hood, I welcome you to join me in the beginning of the greatness that is Mira in this introduction guide.

Mira is a character that uses speed, bats, sucking, and her own life to her advantage, or disadvantage, to overwhelm her enemies. To start out with the basics, we’re going to discuss her special moves and what they do. The special moves are Vicious Strikes, Air Dash, Mist Form, Trephine, Embrace, Blood Seekers, and Reaping is what you have to work with. Ok, thanks for the names but I have no idea what they do! What kind of guide is this? I got you, fam! I'll explain more in the next segment.

NOTE: Almost all the special moves that are used with a stronger button costs some health depending on the button.

Special Moves:

Vicious Strikes is a tool that can keep random button mashers in check and to put the pressure on. It’s counted as an opener which begins your combo (as if you didn’t know already).

Air Dash is simply what it says in the name. It costs a little health but creates cross-up for days if mixed with Mist form respectively.

Mist Form is a mix-up tool or an escape tool based situationally at the cost of a little chunk of your life force.

Trephine is the drill kick opener that has three variations. The light version is the least safe of the three strengths and costs no health, but it goes the farthest so it’s good for a chase down. The medium version goes through the opponent and it is difficult to punish by certain characters and costs a little health. The heavy version is the safest of the three and is a launcher when used as an ender and the use of this version uses the most of your health. Shadow version is projectile invulnerable.

Embrace is the most important move of you move list. It’s used to gather some the gray health that was lost after the use of special moves. Light just travels forward, the medium is an anti-air and the heavy version lunges towards the opponent. It does absolutely no damage and its only purpose is to keep you from dying after (potential) mistakes were made.

Blood Seekers is a projectile-based attack that is also affected by the health system. The light version doesn’t cost a dime. Only travels linearly and does a low amount of damage. Medium locks into the opponent’s current location and helps gather some missing health in the process of making contact with nonblocking opponents. The heavy form follows 100% of the time until hits its mark and works in the same way as the medium form, gather some missing health as well. The shadow version creates bats from the ground under the opponent in a vertical pillar. Makes you safe in the unsafest of situations.

Reaping does three different things depending on the button strength used. The light attack hits mid twice (least safe), medium hits mid and then goes low, and heavy hits mid and then goes overhead. Along with hitting overhead, after knocking your opponent up with the Trephine button or simply catching them on a jump, it is her recapture to continue putting the work in on your victim Shadow Reaping hits 5 times and is very unsafe on block.

Mira’s instinct, Vicious Metamorphosis, gives her a homing Blood Seeker Bat that automatically spawns in front of Mira every 3 seconds whenever she is not being hit. When it lands a hit, it will begin to steal your opponent’s health if not already affected by Vampire Mist. This new move, available only in instinct, attaches to your opponent and begins siphoning health from them and adding it to your life bar. It disappears if you’re hit.

Wow, that’s a lot of information, but I’m liking what I’m reading! I want to pick her up & start going in, but isn’t there more to her than this? Well, of course there is, but this is just the introduction! Just be on the lookout of the next part of the series in which I’ll break it down more into detail.

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