A Bane in their Behind! Introduction to Bane

Being a heavy hitter is one of Bane’s qualifying features, along with being a command grab prodigy in the Injustice world. The toolkit provided for him makes him a tough opponent to deal with if used properly.

I, for one, love to attack my enemies with block strings that would make blocking against Bane an issue to set myself up for some hit confirms if the person presses buttons that can’t react fast enough. With the tools that are available for Bane, there’s plenty of ways to use some pretty decent setups via grapple. A lot of what I’m going to run through in this beginner’s guide will be shown via video once everything comes together.

The first thing that you should know when picking up Bane is what his Character Power will does in a fight. Beside the meter bars are three pips of his power Venom Boost. Each level increases Bane’s power level as well as add some armor to his special moves. In the case of armor special moves, if stuck at a distance due to the zoning of your opponent, using Raging Charge as a rush down move benefits you with the help of Venom Boost. This ability is a double-edged sword; once exhausted of the boost, Bane becomes weaker than he was at the start of the match for the time it’s recharging. You should be careful until it regenerates. Once you get more of a feel of Venom Boost, the next thing to consider is the special moves.

Special Moves

You must note that all his special moves are very unsafe on block, so throwing them out whenever you feel like it will definitely cause you to lose the match. Raging Charge (-12 on block) is your get-to-your-enemy-faster-than-they-can-react special move. It can reach all the way across the screen, but it is not an excuse to use it without armor to cover you. For example, if you are in a match against Deadshot and he begins to spam his D, B + 2, the only way to beat that and get in close is to use Venom Boost Lv. 3 to negate any damage/stagger from his bullets.

If you are dealing with someone that loves to block low, is there a way for you to open him up? The answer is yes! There are two ways you can go about the situation. Number 1, Mercenary’s Elbow (-29 on block) is a move you can use for those kinds of opponents that are keen on blocking low that aren’t expecting an overhead to take them down. This special move is also great against the others that like to attack low to get something started. Luckily the People’s Elbow can put a stop to that. Once a low is blocked, you are able to quickly hit during their button. Anybody that blocks majority of your strings are able to taste the wrath of the Bane Bomb. BB is the command throw that can be tricky to avoid. Multiple combos that are available will be able to special cancel into this move. Also, if your opponent empty jumped to you, it’ll catch them immediately as they touch the ground.

What is the typical answer for someone that likes to jump in on you while your ground game is on point? Did you say anti air?! Well you’re right! Bane has two anti-air moves as well for those pesky jumpers. Ring Slam and Venom Uppercut (-24 on block) will be your go to moves in this situation. If you time these moves just right, it’ll make them think twice about jumping in on you again. Ring Slam varies with each in different situations. Sometimes it’ll land them in front of you as well as switch sides in, or against, your favor. The combos that you decide to use will determine the direction of the move. I’ll add more information within the BnB section. Something to mention about Ring Slam is that it’s the only move that Bane cannot meter burn. Venom Uppercut is a great anti air to use plus meter burning it will add some extra damage to cash out a lot of damage.

We’re almost there! The final thing I’d like to mention is some basic combos for you to get started. These combos are his BnBs, so practicing these combos in multiple situations is key.

Things to consider while trying to understand what I’m going to be discussing. Attacks follow as light, medium, heavy. I’m going to distinguish the correct buttons to use for each combo. For example, one of Bane’s combos is 123 xx DB1/BF2. That means you’re going to press light, medium, heavy /cancel/ down, back light OR back, forward heavy. Each number represents the button to press. For xbox, that will be X, Y, A and PlayStation will follow as Square, Triangle, X respectively. J is for jump, N is for neutral jump, MB is for meter burn (RT/R2), character power is 4 (B/O). The last thing to mention is that I’ve displayed whether or not the Ring Slam with switch sides and also if that combo is either an overhead or a low.


B112 XX DBF3
B23, B23, 123 XX DB1 (LOW)
112D/113 XX DBF3/BF1/DB1
123 XX DB1/BF1
D2, 123 XX DB1/BF2
B3, J3, 123 XX DB1
F3, J2, 123 XX DB1 (OVERHEAD)
F3, B23, 123 XX DB1 (OVERHEAD)

B23, B23, 123 XX SUPER (LOW)
B3, J3, 113 XX SUPER

D3 (AIR), B23, B23, 123 XX DB1

D2, J2, 123 XX DB1
D3 (AIR), 123 XX DB1


123, D1 XX DB2 MB
113, B23, 123 XX DB1
113, B23, 123 XX SUPER

I believe this is all that’s needed in order to start becoming the best that you can ever be. I hope that you’ve gotten a better understanding of what you can do as a Bane player. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to look out for my other guides in the near future!

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