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Oh, hey guys. Didn’t expect you to visit my column yet again in this busy time of fighting games since we just got finished with Evo!

As most of you all that play Street Fighter V know, the biggest, baddest person in the world made his debut on the 25th of this month... the walking mountain known as Abigail. Standing at 8’0 tall (the tallest character in the game), he walks around the streets among the best fighters in the world, bulldozing everyone he sets his eyes on. What I’ve noticed with the character being out that everyone is giving this guy (and Capcom) a lot of hate for many reasons and honestly, I have no idea why. I believe if people gave him a chance, he could be a pretty decent character. I’m a beginner with this guy as well and the reason why I waited a bit before putting this up was the fact that I want to use this introduction guide to learn this character with each and every one of you, so please excuse me if there’s a lack of knowledge coming through, which, in turn, might make this a shorter guide than what I’m used to putting out. Without further ado, let’s get this car rolling. Vroom vroom!

Strengths and weaknesses

As you can tell right off the back, Abigail is a character is a technical powerhouse to keep your opponents guessing with the multitude of tools that he has at his disposal. With a grapple, charge attack, somersault, parry and machine gun punch in his move list, you can hit your opponents with anything and everything to stop them in their tracks (these puns are too much). He’s not much with his movements, but he seems to be able to get around quite well compared to other grappler type characters. Although that’s where he is at a disadvantage, everything else makes up for it.

Special moves and V-skills

His move inputs are fairly easy to use like most of the cast, but has a couple more command normals than a few. He has a normal move that is an overhead that's at his disposal. His Fwd + Medium Punch is a slow moving attack that people somehow manage to get hit by if not paying attention to his movement. He also has his Crush Counter move which is a two-hit combo that hits high/mid for the first hit and, on the second, hits low which can sometime catch them off-guard pressing buttons or not aware of this. It’s one of the situational moves he has since he can V-skill after the first hit to either keep himself safe or demolish with heavy damage. Crouching Light Punch x2 and standing Light Punch x2 are the buttons to use to initiate one of his BNB combos. One normal that should always be used against characters with fireballs is his Back + Heavy Punch. What that does is negate the normal fireballs immediately and also to note with the special ones is the fact that they can be reflected back at the opponent. I learned this the hard way when I was using Ed while trying to V-skill against him which caused me to lose that round. (#BibleThump) To continue, his Fwd + Heavy Punch is one of the main anti airs that you have to use.

The Special Moves are the area in which Abigail excels because of the mix up possibility of some of them. For example, the one move that you’ll tend to use a lot of is his Nitro Charge (Kick X2). The reasons are because it’s his main tool for him to get in on somebody due to having a point of armor that is tied to it as well as multiple other properties. You can use it as a straight up punch to apply pressure. When they’re trying to play defensively, it can be used as a grab to stop those pesky crouching defense players and an overhead by flipping on their heads as well as a method to retreat, pretending that you’re going to go after them.

Another special move he has is the Giant Flip (HCB + Punch). What’s interesting about this move is that the properties on this one allows him to apply enough pressure for people to not press buttons against him, especially with his medium version. Opponents should be weary of their fireball usage. I’m fairly certain that all the levels of this move can fly over people’s fireballs, but please correct me if I’m wrong! I know for a fact that the EX version does as I’ve barely dodged a car wreck against a Ken with a nail-biting battle. Two more things to mention is that one, it’s not an overhead at all and two, the EX version of it can be mashed after the initial one which can be very useful against people who like to quick-rise and press buttons. Can be done infinitely from what I've seen. Keep on trucking with the hulk smashes!

One of the final two specials to take note of are his command grab Abigail Smash (HCB + Kick). Self-explanatory move that is used as a tick throw in all close combat situations; very similar to Zangief, Alex, Necalli and R. Mika. What makes it different from the others is that it’s used as a wall bounce that can be comboed(?) into another special move which then can also be comboed(?) into Critical Art to put everyone in critical life conditions.

The last special move to mention is the general one to be used as a combo ender, Abigail Punch. What I’ve noticed, aside that it’s punishable if blocked, each button for the special move is angled differently. The light version hits in the middle, medium is angled a little lower, whereas the heavy is treated as an anti air in most situations. One thing to mention is that in most combos, the light/EX version will be the best to use while the other ones are pretty situational.

The last two things about Abigail that I will mention are the V-skill and the V-trigger. Earlier in the article, I mentioned about Abigail having a parry. I was pointing out that the only way for him to parry is the same as Ryu and that is with his V-skill. Just like Ryu’s, you can parry normals and specials. The unique thing to note that, unlike Ryu, Abigail can actually combo into critical art. Of course, the parry is used in defensive situations to make opponents take their feet off the gas and stop them to a screeching halt (okay, I think I’m done with my Abigail puns for now). Abigail’s V-trigger allows him to charge all four variations of his heavy punch and adds more armor to his heavy moves, increases juggle properties as well as a guard break to the neutral heavy punch which helps against the strong armored players.

Hopefully, this gives everyone a general idea of Abigail and I hope we can grow together as always as we start this journey to be the best Abigail street racer out there in the streets of fighting! Of course, if I did mix some things up, toss it in the comments below and we’ll take care of it with the right information! Until next time…. PEACE.

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