The Malloy List – October 2017

Ahh... the gentle breeze, changing colors, shorter days. Autumn might finally be getting into gear. Changing of the seasons doesn't stop the show, though, brothers & sisters. This month's induction to the Malloy List is a genuine bargain deal! 

Before I really get going here, I want to explain that my choice this month is being heavily influenced by the impending premiere of "Thor: Ragnarok". Sooner or later, I'll probably end up watching it in theaters because I haven't had the chance to go out & catch a movie in quite some time. The Dynamek One & Only is overdue for a treat. Back to the matter at hand, though.

As I mentioned earlier, this month's induction is a group deal. With the Fighter Packs & Season Passes that are just all the rage these days, it's difficult not to feel a little... patronized by it from time to time. Are the devs worried that we might not be able to handle so many characters at once? Do they think full & robust rosters would constitute as sensory overload for us? The world may never know. However, that won't stop any of them from parsing characters on a piecemeal basis. My addition this month seeks to speed up that process just a wee bit by giving the consumer a little more bang for their proverbial buck.

All for one & one for all!

That's right, I went there. Now, I have no clue whether or not Lady Sif & the Warriors Three will make any appearances in "Ragnarok", but I feel they deserve their time in a fighter. To wit, I'll just drop the pretenses now and outright say that I want them in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. Aside from the fact that their claim to fame is literally combat, I feel their inclusion would be a nice way to bolster a little more of Thor's presence within the game. Case in point, when it came to Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, there was something in particular I happened to notice.

For whatever reason, Resident Evil tied for the most dominant representation on the Capcom side of the roster. Chris, Jill, Wesker & Nemesis all ended up in the game. Frankly, this isn't a mystery since RE was Capcom's most successful (Stateside) franchise outside of Street Fighter.  It makes perfect sense that so many characters from one series would feature. However, I've always felt that a few more Asgardians joining the fray couldn't hurt. Before you jump the gun & assume that I want the Norse pantheon running roughshod through this game, pump the brakes. I have an idea that'll make everyone -- dev & player alike -- happy. 

Pretty sure everyone still has the "functions" faux pas fresh in their minds somewhere. May not have been the most tactful way to describe things, but I'm going to use it to my advantage here today. Keeping with the concept of functions, I intend combine that idea with a character that I feel has been unjustly forsaken. I want to take the Captain Commando function and apply it to Sif & the Three. Think about it... Hogun could be your overhead/guard break attack and Fandral can make with the stabby stabby as an autocombo while Volstagg serves as armored launcher. Hell, take it a step further and have whole crew go full Asgardian Storm as Sif's Level 3! That's four, count 'em, FOUR Asgardians in your game for the price of one. I'm telling you, everybody wins there.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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