Top Up-And-Comers For the Panda Global Rankings v.4

With this current PGR season coming to a close at the end of the year, I thought it'd be a great time to review how some new talent has been doing so far this season. Now this isn't a list of people you have never heard of who are looking to break into the edge Top 50. It's more so a list of people who are either not ranked in Top 50 or are in the 40-50 range who I believe will be ranked within the Top 20 by the end of the year. The 4 players featured in  this article are Manny, Wadi, Cosmos and Mistake. Without further ado, let's get into the stats.

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First up, we are going to take a look at all the S-tier events that at least 2 of the 4 players have attended. I want to bring attention to the fact that all of these players have achieved Top 8 once, and Mistake is the only player to do so twice. Manny leads the pack with the highest placing out of the 4 at both events he has attended. Wadi has very similar results with double the showings at S-tier events, which I feel is important to note for consistency's sake. Mistake & Cosmos have attended all S-tier events this season except one each (that being DH:ATL and SCR saga, respectively). They both have higher peaks than the other two players, but also have far worse lows, with 3 finishes outside the Top 16 for Mistake and 5 for Cosmos (with two of those placings actually being 33rd). With all of this, we can see Wadi/Manny have a consistency that Cosmos/Mistake do not, but the two leaders also do not attend as much, which should be considered.

Next up, let's take a look at each players best tournament run so far at tournaments considered for the PGR. Manny's best performance was actually this past weekend at Too Hot To Handle. Manny takes down Samsora and Dyr before falling to Dabuz in Winner's Finals. He wasn't finished yet, as he clutches a 3-2 win on Esam and beats Dabuz from loser's side of grands twice, both times being a 3-1. Wadi's best run comes from his Super Smash Con run where he takes out Captain Zack, Light, and Mistake before falling to MKLeo  in Winner's and Nairo in Loser's. While it only includes one PGR win, it's his best run because the win on Mistake at this point is a resume boost because of how well Mistake has done this season. With probably the strongest performance out of our players, Cosmos cleaned house at The Big House 7. To start his run off, he 3-0's the best player in the world Zero, and also cleans house against another Top 15 threat, Void. Not only that, but he beats another arguably Top 3 player in Salem with a close 3-2.  His run ends with a swift 0-3 loss to Dabuz and a 1-3 loss to Mars in Loser's Finals. Lastly, let's look at Mistake and his run at SCR Saga. He drops into losers right at the start of Top 48 to Void. He beats Kameme and Komorikiri to make his way into Top 8. At this point, he picks up a win on Salem as well as getting revenge on Void before falling to MKLeo to achieve 4th place at this S-tier event.

Now that we have seen their placings and best runs, lets see how they stack up against the current Top 50.

Manny, as you would expect, has the best record with a 57% win rate with his only negative win rate being to the Top 10. Wadi also sports a win rate that is higher than 50% (53%), but doesn't sport as clean of a record as Manny does. What isn't shown here is that Wadi has two wins on both Cosmos and Mistake, which I feel is important to add. Now we get to the same problem we saw in the first set of stats, a lot more losses/worse placings due to Cosmos and Mistake traveling more. Cosmos actually has a surprisingly bad record against those ranked from 41-50 as well as numerous non-PGR losses such as San,  Darkshad, Blank and Wrath. Mistake, while attending almost every S-tier event, almost achieves a positive record on PGR players, but he does have twice as many Top 10 wins as anyone else mentioned today, as well as impressive records over all of the Top 30. He suffers from the same problem as Cosmos though, he has a lot of losses to players obviously worse than him that end his losers runs early.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the data. I wanted to add a few thoughts of my own at the end of this article because I think there is a lot to be interpreted from this data. Mistake this season is quite similar to Captain Zack last season, but he suffers a fair amount of  losses outside of the best players, which we didn't see from Zack. This could end up hurting Mistake's climb to achieving Top 10 status. Cosmos has an incredible peak, but also an abysmal low with numerous losses that will not help his ranking. Both Manny & Wadi are showing very strong performances throughout the season and I have no doubt they will be Top 20, if not higher.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next time.

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