Character Battle: Platinum the Trinity VS Cythlla

Merry New Year, one & all! In the words of so many villains who have come before me: It's good to be back! I know I fell off pretty hard towards the latter half of 2017, but that's not going to be the case in 2018. To prove that to you all, let's start things off with a brand new Character Battle

Now, before we get into this, I'd like to take a little bit of time to explain (for any newcomers) how things work in this column of mine. First & foremost, these are not "who would win in a fight?" matches. It's not that I don't enjoy those contests, but there are other places online that offer up that type of material & they are far better at it than I'll ever admittedly be. If you need your fix for that kind of action, might I recommend checking them out at your leisure. 

Okay, so it's 2018 and absolutely everyone is waiting with baited breath for all the new games/updates/expansions coming out. (Some far more than others.) That's all fine & good, but I have to approach such things patiently. For a man in my position, it does not serve me well to lose myself in the hype. I have to be objective at all times. So, for right now, I'm not going to specifically comment on what's coming. A story/article for another day, perhaps. Right now, though, I want to properly get back to doing something (else) that I love: Getting "creative" with my writing & having fun with various fighting game characters.

With the bitter cold that gripped most of the country, particularly during the holiday season, I simultaneously applauded & pitied all those who chose to hang in Times Square to watch the ball drop. For anyone whose not from the Empire State, ringing in the New Year is a major tradition. I, myself, have no designs to take part in it, though. The grim truth of it all is that you're crammed into an open space with thousands of other people in the (occasionally) blistering cold with no bathroom access & very little access to any food. Forgive me, but that's not exactly the atmosphere I want to be surrounded by while trying to celebrate... well, anything. If I'm in a festive mood, I'll opt to be indoors. Neither here nor there, but I just felt like sharing. 

In a very roundabout way, that leads me to the subject of our contest today. Since everyone was all enraptured in celebrating the new year's advent, I got to thinking about Baby New Year. Yes, before you ask, I still fondly remember that old Rudolph special and I watch it whenever I'm able. That being said, this month's Battle seeks to determine who would be a better Baby New Year... 

Don't be fooled by their cuteness... it'll be your last mistake.

Curious pair, aren't they? There's always something special when it comes to the resident magical girl on any game's roster, but these two strike me as cuts above the rest. In one corner, we have possibly the most unlikely member of the Legendary Six Heroes, Platinum the Trinity. And in the other, daughter of the Dark Lord Himself, Cthylla! Despite almost everything that's going on with these two, they might very well be two of the most adorable combatants we've ever had in this column. The nigh immeasurable levels of cute these two bring to the table notwithstanding, they are not to be trifled with. We're talking damn near mythical levels of, dare I say, brattitude.

BlazBlue's Platinum is the kind of good old fashioned bargain deal you hear about in supermarkets: buy one, get two free. Platinum's body houses three unique personalities, but she is not schizophrenic. On the surface, you have Luna & Sena. Luna is, for lack of any better way to say it, impetuous. She is the epitome of "heart on the sleeve". Sena, in direct contrast, is the usual voice of restraint & reason. He's the "look before you leap" type and generally wishes that his counterpoint would exercise just a little caution. Further still beneath that seemingly innocent veneer lies Trinity Glassfille, the Legendary Hero herself. Far wiser than her visage would lead you to believe, Trinity does her best to see the world around her for what it is, but isn't above wanting to see it as she'd like things to be.

Ctyhlla is not what anyone would call "gracious" or "cordial". As a matter of fact, one could go so far as to call her a menace. Simply put, she's a brat. The downside (for everyone else) is that she's a brat with the power of an Old One at her disposal. As such, she has quite the low opinion of humanity. Matter of fact, she views us as little more than playthings. It's that very disdain for boredom that actually propels her into the runnings of her respective title, Chaos Code. Because if there's anything the world needs more of, it's powerful people (who don't necessarily have full control of said power) searching for even more power because they have nothing else better to do. 

So now that we know the players, who would be the best suited to help rock in the New Year? Well, on one hand, you could say the choice is obvious, but that doesn't exactly feel right. Even though there are two fighters here, there are actually four contestants to consider. On the subject of Cythlla, she is WAY too aggro to be surrounded by legions of potentially belligerent party-goers. That scenario does not end well for anyone in any reality or timeline. Platinum, on the other hand, is more complicated. You see, I don't think Luna would do well in a large, raucous crowd and Trinity doesn't seem like all that much of a party girl, but Sena... given the right encouragement, I think he'd have a blast in that environment. Besides, the little guy is long overdue for a good time.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends. 

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