Get In The Ring!!! – Beerus Primer

"Before creation, comes destruction."

What's up y'all!? EXWildWolf here again with another guide! This guide is going to be a lot more brief than my previous work, but I am VERY excited to write to you about THE NEW HOTNESS... DRAGON.... BALL.... FIGHTERZ! This game is the most fun I have had in a while and, MAAAAAN, I can't WAIT to play it some more. With a lot of resources coming out, I feel that I should try to contribute, even if it's but a small gesture.

Today I'm going to go a bit simpler. I'm going to be taking a look at one of the more unique characters in DBFZ and that character is none other than the God of Destruction himself, Lord Beerus!

Beerus is a rush down centric, but technical character who has a vast amount of ways to pressure & mix up the opponent when he gets a knockdown and has some very nasty snapback setups that are hard to deal with. He also has a unique projectile game that is very reminiscent to Venom from Guilty Gear, though more nuanced in some ways.

Since it's very early to say what's good about Beerus and what's not, I'm just going to skip the pros & cons section. I will share some observations right now, though, that it is that he does a lot of damage almost anywhere with the right execution and has a lot of offensive potential with Orb setups. One of his glaring flaws is how his unique projectile game can be shut down really quick by how they function & by some of the system mechanics in the game.

Let's just jump right into it with a quick breakdown of his normals, then round it off with his specials.


Beerus has a good range of normals for dealing with any situation, whether it be mid range, faraway, or close combat. These normals also affect his orb projectiles much like Venom, which I will put in parentheses on how each one affects the different orbs after their general description. (NOTE: I did not take these pictures, they were uploaded by WyseguyBebop on DL Forums. Shoutouts to him.)


Short ranged flick. Useless outside of pressure and can chain to 2L or other stronger buttons like 2M and 5H. Probably his fastest normal. Useful for frametraps leading into it.

(Pushes orbs slightly forward at a slow speed.)


CLAP CLAP. Has a deceptively horizontal hitbox which travels far away from its hurtbox. This is a good button that sadly has a lot of startup due to it being an autocombo chain. You can also frametrap from 5L and if you do, you will get a LOT of damage since it chains into the rest of his M and H normals.

(Pushes orbs vertically.)


A unique slide into a cross-up. It loses its cross-up effect during assist setups and can be mashed out of after 5LL. Not worth using unless your opponent is sleeping on defense or you want to side switch them in the corner for decent damage and a slide knockdown afterwards.

(Does not affect orbs.)


A moving headbutt lunge. Great for whiff punishing if it's in range, is fast, cancelable and acts as combo filler after 2M routes. Can also lead to huge damage into the corner if the opponent gets tagged by it.

(Pushes orbs down then travel diagonally.)


A disjointed hitbox that hits almost all around the animation. Great for carrying them to the corner and when orbs are setup since it negates the push back of it and puts the opponent in long blockstun to setup another orb or call out an assist.

(Pushes orbs straight horizontally at a REALLY fast speed. Good for sniping startups on beam moves or assists.)


Standard Ki projectile. Can be super dashed through. Not as useful as orbs for zoning or neutral, but faster than orb productions and is great for corner pressure since it can be + on block at a certain range where 5M can connect afterwards. It can also chain into 5H, making it good to put distance between you and your opponent.


Standard Low. Good for empty jump mix-ups and is fast.

(Does not affect orbs much.)


Hey you ever heard of that move called Grand Viper? Fullscreen Low? Well imagine Grand Viper, but all you had to do was press down + button that leads to 55% with a bar ?

Yup... that's 2M.

But WAIT.... there is a LOT more risk to this move than the eye can see. For starters, the move does not activate until you are close to the opponent. Second, this move has a GIGANTIC recovery period if it whiffs. You could down 2 dry malts and Beerus would still be suspended on the ground. Third, it is not as low profile as the animation leads it to believe and you will still get tagged by mids and the link. You WILL die if you abuse this move, ESPECIALLY to beams, beam assists and supers. 2M is still a powerful tool, but DO NOT abuse this.

(Does not affect orbs.)


The main AA. Hits from behind, too, leading to a giant hitbox immune to all airborne attacks. It moves him back a bit and can setup for some very dirty cross unders on Snapback.

(Richochets orbs diagonally or vertically upwards depending on where they hit during the animation.)


Beerus sneezes out an orb. Has fast recovery. Is good for polluting the screen with more orbs. His fastest orb deployment as well. The orb has zig-zag pattern if it lingers on long enough and floats upwards the more it stays on screen. Has no effects on other orbs.


A fast, small jab that is decent for jump-ins and good for A2A approaches. Can lead to rewarding fuzzy mix-ups on taller characters with meter and/or an assist.

(Pushes orbs upwards a bit.)


A bit slower than J.L but covers more space horizontally and is good for rising A2A situations. Can also fuzzy with on taller characters provided with the right setup and execution.

(Hits orbs upwards to cover opponents way high up in the air.)


A slow but big button that leads to great damage if it connects. Forces standing opponent to go crouching and leads to slide knockdown off of 2H AA combos. Great for IAD Jump-ins and general offensive approach.

(Sends orbs down at a wide diagonal angle, good for starting a mix-up off of it after a knockdown as it meaties.)


A far reaching horizontal kick that propels Beerus upwards. There is a lot of startup on this move by itself, so using it raw for trying to get a hit is not useful. It does, however, make for AMAZING corner carry in combos and is decent for escaping the corner, as well as a mobility option in order to preserve other air actions. Effect on orbs is negligible. You can also do some interesting things on offense since with 236+Button in the air assist since it still carries over its forward momentum.


Beerus throws out multiple fireballs at an angle on the ground. Not all that great except for a few certain conbos or pressure strings aided by assists. Disables actions for a long period of time. Effect on orbs is negligible.


God of Destruction's Wrath
214S (air OK)

Beerus sprays out a plethora of fireballs in different directions.  Has brief invulnerability at the startup. Is decent for getting people off if you have the correct read on what they'll commit to. Effect on orbs is negligible.

Sphere of Destruction (Assist Move)
236L/M/H (Air OK)


This is Beerus' main way to produce and setup orbs. Medium orb goes up, light one goes down. If you press the button, Beerus will kick either ball at a different angle. If you hold the button in, you'll just call out it and are free to do what you want with it. Be careful, though, as the rules for orbs are the same with any projectile in the game and they can be super dashed.

They also disappear on hit and on block, so you should be wary of where your orbs are at and what the opponent can do to avoid them. The orbs themselves are active all throughout, making light orbs good for oki setups. The H version is an EX version and summons both the L and H ball for extended setups. It is interesting to note that the kick portion variant of the M version does not hit certain characters crouching or shorter characters like Kid Buu, making it meaty and thus allowing for Beerus to apply a mix-up afterwards. There is a lot potential with this move on offense, especially when adding in assists.

Beerus can only summon 3 orbs at a time, which means if he summons 3 of them, one will automatically disappear if there is a 4th or coming out on the screen. One thing to also note about all orbs is that he can super dash cancel his normals if any of them connect, allowing for follow-ups if one of them hit.

Multi Cataclysmic Orbs


Want more than 3 orbs!? Break the law with this orb summon. This is great for setting up on people's wakeup and after snapback. It can also lead to a lot shenanigans with assist support.


God of Destruction's Rampage
214L/M/H (Air OK)


God of Destruction gettin' them dunks in. Light version causes soft knockdown. Medium and heavy cause slide knockdown. Goes over most grounded attacks and ki blasts. Leads to great okizeme in the corner after M or H version. It can be a bit finicky to connect midscreen in certain situations though.


Beerus Ball
236L+M or 236H+S (Air OK)


A giant ball of blazing death. Nothing too out of the ordinary for this move. Does good damage and has a follow-up for an extra to gain more damage. Since the super does so much damage anyways, it's probably not necessary to add another bar to it. Is good for adding at the end of combos.

God of Destruction's Judgement
214L+M or 214H+S

A level 3 invulnerable command grab that does a LOT of damage. If one is too careless around Beerus, he can just scoop you up and flick in the forehead for 48% damage. One of the best parts about this super is that since it's only one hit, sparking blast regeneration does not recover instantly and the damage scaling is still fair compared to other level 3s at the end of combos. The worse thing about this move is that you cannot tick throw with this. The opponent can act right after super flash and get a free punish. Be careful on how you use this move.

And that's it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this article and have found it useful. If you like you can follow me on Twitter as well as the amazing KPB crew for more updates. And yes, I know the last hidden image was of 16, but bare with me... I'll get to him next month.

As with all other articles, I thank you for reading and wish you all a great day!


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