Get In The Ring!!! – Android 16

What up y'all? It's WildWolf here with another DBFZ character primer!

Say, do you like being belligerent in your playstyle? Do you like to deprive others from having fun? Do you like dunking? Well say no more, because DBFZ has just the character to satisfy your one-man fun zone in the personification of Android 16.

"Come with me if you want to kill Son Goku."

Android 16 has been revived as DBFZ's quintessential grappler. As with any grappler, he's big, slow and has a bit of a tough time getting close. But if he does gets close, then pray for the opponent, because no hell on earth can compare to the carnage this humanoid cyborg can dish out once he has his hands on his opponent.

-High meterless damage off almost any clean or stray hit.
-Multiple command grabs for any situation that all lead to great rewards with assists/meterless knockdown.
-Only character in the game that has true meterless hard knockdown, allowing for grimy mix-ups people have to hold.
-Amazing team synergy/combo potential with just about any assist or character
-Can be a point, mid or anchor position due to his versatility
-Amazing ground game normals that have super armor and can plow through almost anything.
-Really versatile assist for combos and okizeme.

-Slower than the majority of the cast in terms of normals and movement.
-Defensive options outside of universal Reflect or level 3 are lacking.
-Very tall crouching and standing hurtbox make him susceptible to fuzzy mix-ups and blockstrings that would whiff on others.
-Is easier to zone out than most other characters.

Like any grappler, 16 wants to get up close and personal. He can scare people into pressing a button or jumping out against his command grabs which is then where he can dish out some serious punishment for those unwilling to sit down and take a grip. He has a plethora of ways to mentally break the opponent with his air grabs which can lead to huge damage with meter and assist on deck and high meterless damage off frametraps with meaty setups that also act as tick throws. He's also very strong with assists as some hit effects can make it hard to see his command grabs coming on block. His glaring flaw out of anything right now is his defense. In DBFZ, mashing is bad because the damage scaling and overall startup of attacks in order to mash out are very skewed in the offensive's favor. 16 is not the type to throw buttons out or churn command grabs since his fastest command grab is still really slow (19 Frames). His only options then are a level 3 command grab which is fully invulnerable and does a ton of damage but can be jumped post flash or using reflect to stay alive. If you cannot get started with 16, it can be a bit rough, but with patience comes progress. 16 requires a good sense defense and unpredictable offense for him to be effective.

16's normals aren't the fastest but they certainly are some of the biggest. Some of his buttons push him forward and close to the opponent, which is where he likes to be. He also has super armor on some moves which makes his offense brutally punishing against mashing. Overall too slow to defend with when blocking but can become a bringer of death if the opponent decides to get careless and approach him haphazardly, as well as great for getting in. (Shout outs to TheBrando2 for letting me use his Dustloop images for this article.)


His fastest normal. Moves him forward a bit and is great for whiff punishing and pressure. Can lead to good tick throw set-ups since it can gatling into his command grab. Can be an AA despite the way it looks and reaches downwards to hit all crouching opponents.


Wanna get even closer than 5LL? Use this shoulder tackle followup to go downtown and scare your opponent with a command grab or frametrap into a frametrap if opponents are caught mashing of its blockstun. It also gives higher than average damage off basic BNBs than standard Medium starters.


An actual command grab. YES, an autocombo command grab that sideswitches the opponent and leads a super dash combo after it connects. This isn't much on its own since it is pretty telegraphed after 5LL. However when put in conjunction with other normal/special chains out of 5LL, it becomes a viable mix-up tool for conditioning 16's opponent. It's also good for carrying to the corner if 16 has his back near one.


A good mid attack that moves him forward a bit and gatlings to his 2M. This is great for being delayed into for stagger pressure after lights and gives great reward on hit. It also does a light groundbounce, letting 16 able to get great damage against people in the air as it pops them back up. It can also be used as a decent AA and great chicken block punisher.


BEHOLD.... THE GOD BUTTON. Probably one of the most unstoppable normals in the history of unstoppable normals. A shoulder tackle with super armor during startup and active frames, moves across almost the entire screen, is special cancellable, has big blockstun, and leads to huge damage if it hits as well as near full corner carry from almost any midscreen situation. There is not a time where you should NOT be pressing this button. It's that good.


16 throws out 2 rocket punches. Good for dealing against single hit projectiles and can lead to combos with meter on deck. It's also can reverse gatling into his H normals, allowing 16 to still maintain his pressure, provided he didn't cancel his H normals into it beforehand.


A slow but long ranged low jab. Good for empty jump or IAD low mix-ups. Can be used to beat other crouching attacks


A sweep. Leads to his best damage anywhere on the screen and moves forward a great amount. Good for whiff punishing or catching people not blocking low.


A great AA with a giant hitbox and some super armor during the active frames. Can be hard to punish if opponent is not on point in catching it during recovery. Whiffs on certain crouching opponents.


Universal overhead. Can't combo it unless in sparking or have an assist to confirm out of prior to it hitting.


A short but very active downwards jab that is great for A2As and IAD mix-ups. It shrinks 16's hurtbox upward a bit which makes it good for getting around certain projectiles. It can also lead to fuzzy set-ups on tall characters that can be converted into combos with vanish


A slow but far-reaching horizontal kick that is great for IAD cross-ups and set-ups. It can also A2A and is good jump-ins to boot.



A high angle stomp that grants slide knockdown after a 2H combo. Other than that, not great by itself but can be good for throwing the opponent's timing off for AAing and meterless fuzzy confirms, albeit not that damaging. Can also be used for easy snapback tagouts for 1 bar.

Same thing as 5S, 16 throws out 2 Rocket Punches but in a downward 45° angle. Not much outside of delaying his jumps or avoiding beams/assists. If he can get a hit in with it, he can combo into vanish for 1 bar and get a combo extension and/or hard knockdown.

What is a grappler without his grip? As with any grappler, 16 loves hugs, and has 2 different varieties with their own unique flavors, as well as great pressure extenders to open up the opponent

236 L/M/H (Air OK) - Dynamite Driver

All versions of this move are really slow, but this is still a quintessential move for 16's gameplan. He can even combo into the L version off of a Medium attack.

The L version is great. It grants hard knockdown in which the opponent has no choice but to deal with 16's mix-ups and assist oki unless they reflect, in which case 16 can do something else to throw it off. It also has huge range.

The M Version is the slowest and is easy to interrupt or jump out of, but travels far and has great reward. It leads a wallbounce juggle in which 16 combo off of, the reward varying depending on-screen positioning and assists on his teams from low to high. The H version is the same as the M Version but faster. All versions lead to hard knockdown state similar to the L version if the opponent is being juggled in the air and you use this as his ender. All air versions function similarly to Flying Powerbomb with the same properties. Air L version does not lead to hard knockdown.

214 L/M/H (Air Ok) - Flying PowerBomb

An unblockable ground to air grab that can be done in air as well. Great for hard reads, ending combos, and recovers fast enough to extend combos with almost any assist in the game.

The L version propels 16 at a vertical angle barely moving him from the ground from where he started. The M version is slower to come out but propels 16 very far at a more acute angle than L version. H version is similar to M but does a fast ground pulse that does damage and comes out very fast at 6 Frames. The hitbox on the smash is short ranged, however, but if it trades with an opponent, 16 can get a 5H off of it into a full combo.

236/214 S - Hell Heat:

A short ranged disjointed explosion that is great for pressure and okizeme. 236 leaves you even on block and in long blockstun, great for setting up assists and pressure. On meaty, it puts him + on block. 214S follows suit to 236S but gives a more frame advantage on block since it has more startup and is slower to come out.


236 L+M/H+S - Hell's Flash:

It's a super that you can combo into... not much outside of that.

214 L+M - Hell's Flash Maximum Output:

He just wants hugs.

A level 3 invulnerable command grab that can be jumped out of post cinematic flash. Does a lot of damage. Good for keeping the opponent honest doing big gap blockstrings and lets 16 get okizeme afterwards with Hell's Heat and IAD J.M Cross-ups

214 H+S - Last Resort:

REAL HARD ASS READ SH*T RIGHT HERE, BOYS AND GIRLS! A slow command grab with guardpoint that instantly kills the opponent. You wanna see a TOD? Do this! You wanna scum people out with some weird elaborate set-up into this move? Do this! You want me to be serious and have me tell you this is not a good idea? Then DON'T do this! It has a lot of startup, and the only way your opponent will get hit by this is if they're sleeping, or are mashing all the buttons on their controller while this move is going. The ONLY practical application for this is for punishing certain level 3s with long duration. That's it. I'm keeping it honest.

As you can see, 16 is an amazing character and gets a lot of mileage off stray hits, has great mix-ups, great ground and air tools, and is overall well-rounded. He can work off anywhere in any position with or without meter, can be put on almost any team, and has tons of synergy with anybody on the cast. The only drawback his defensive options since he has to hold a bunch of crap most others don't have to. If you want a monster of a character however, I'd still recommend putting 16 on your team if you don't have a 3rd member yet. He is one of the strongest characters right now in FighterZ.

If you would like to know more about 16, visit FighterzPro, a new forum and news website just for DBFZ made by my colleague here at KPB, DaPurpleSharpie. You can follow her on Twitter and me as well for more updates on DBFZ and my fighting game shenanigans.

'Til then, see ya next time!



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