Get In The Ring!!! – Kid Buu

Sup y'all? It's WildWolf with another DBFZ character primer! This time, we're looking at Kid Buu, the "problem child" of the entire roster that suffocates the opponents with his great normals and quick high-lows. Kid Buu is a holy grail of grime when it comes to offensive potential. That being said, his defensive options outside of reflect are limited, along with a poor AA and wakeup game. Outside of that, his team synergy is practically limitless & he is a pain to escape from when he gets in.


+ Can go on any team due to his great synergy with his amazing assist and overall tool kit.

+ Near unreactable high-lows coupled with corner cross-ups with Magical Bounce special and certain normals that can lead into good damage.

+ His small stature makes it near impossible to do fuzzies and land optimal midscreen combos on him for most of the cast.


- Lack of Defensive options makes it hard to escape pressure outside of a level 3.

- Poor Anti-Airs that are either too slow or have bad hitboxes/short active frames.

- Noticeable recovery on some normals.


Kid Buu is a very momentum based character with good neutral tools to help zone out in a fight. His close range offense is where he shines a lot, but his neutral is also amazing with far-reaching ground pokes and candy beam, as well as a standard air beam to boot. If you're looking for a character who has great neutral tools into amazing offensive rewards who trades it for subpar defensive options, then this character is for you.


Kid Buu has some of the best normals in the game. He has very good pressure with his lights and dominating mid range with Mediums and 5H. His air normals are great too, and lead to great rewards with fast overhead strings that can be hard to see. Unfortunately his 2H is one of the worst, if not worst, in the game, making it difficult to cover the upper diagonal portion without resorting to conditioning to the opponent in terms of reactionary AAs. In summary, Kid Buu sacrifices overall defensive keepaway for very strong offensive momentum.


His fastest normal. Great for hitting into after light jump-in confirms, has decent range, and can be whiff cancelled into 5LL. Is also good for mashing in small gaps in pressure.

Small boy, big fist.


"Snap into a slim jim!"

Pressure extender. Good for closing distance on opponent and can chain into any other normal after that. Is used for some combos to optimize damage.



A launcher that leads to a combo. Is not as useful as 5LL for pressure and is only special cancellable on block. Although it useful for extending combos past vanish.


Y'all mind if I...


Half screen normal, coming through! This move draws Kid Buu close to the opponent and comes out at 10 Frames. It's s a good round starter coupled with an assist and is safe on block. It can also chain into 2M, H, or S normals, as well as specials. If you cancel during the lunging effect before the second hit, he gets this interesting vacuum effect that draws him closer to the opponent. The 5M is also completely gapless and easy to confirm from. 

It can also lead to huge damage.


The Majin's Elbow

Standard overhead. Kid Buu has an easier time setting his up to get a combo into 5L.


Slower than 5M, but is great for counterpoking. Has a big hitbox and moves at just the right speed to catch people hitting a button. Causes a smash on hit. And can be followed up into super dash for a combo. It also has a decent vertical hitbox to boot, making it great for punishing people trying to chicken block out of pressure.

Busting down doors with the timbs.



A standard one button projectile that can be used to mix-up pressure and at a certain distance, can be + on block, which sets up for good frametraps into 5M, 2M, or 5H. It has fast speed and decent start-up, It's also good for racking up damage in certain combos midscreen.


KOF Standard AA.

Kid Buu's fastest low. Is great for empty jump-in mix-ups along coupled with IAD strings. Can be very hard to see because of his low crouching position with an assist on top. Can also whiff under certain air moves if done too to the ground.


Caution: Bumps.

A fast disjointed near full-screen low that can lead to a lot damage. There are 3 variants to this move, all done by doing 1/2/3 on the controller. 1M covers around 15% of where Kid Buu is standing, 2M covers 50%, and 3M covers 80%. This normal allows Kid Buu to have almost full-screen punishes on anybody that has a slow recovering fireball, beam, normal, and is very annoying for most characters to get across. He can then pull himself him in with 5M if he is close enough, or can autocombo it for the use of 1 bar to get a great punish. Needless to say, this is definitely one of the best tools in his arsenal. Though it does recover slow, so watch out if it whiffs


Anybody who does this move is metal head because they like whipping their long ass hair all the way back or are asking for a death wish marked upon their forehead.

And here we go from amazing godlike normals to a bit of a showstopper that is his 2H. This is probably by far... one of the worst 2Hs in the game. It has almost no horizontal hitbox, is slow to come out, stays active for less than it shows, and has huge recovery. ONLY merit this has move to other 2Hs is not needing to worry too much about vanishes or teleport moves Goku Blue's, since the move auto corrects itself and he gets a hit from the back in pretty much every practical situation. Other than that, it's a terrible move and if you whiff it, expect to get punished badly. If this does manage to hit though, you get a nice little combo for somehow being able to hit somebody out of the sky with this.



This move is unique. It's fast start-up projectile that hits over the opponent and puts Kid Buu, in a low airborne state, as if he had really low hops. If used in conjunction with an assist, he can instantly airdash and get an immediate high low mix-up off of it, allow for some very dirty set-ups. It's also good for baiting out reflects if the opponent is string to escape your stagger pressure. Not the best move in neutral, but can extend certain combos and go over lows. It can also function as decent halt to IADs, as well as a jump check from full-screen. It does sadly lose to superdash however.


I have nothing clever to say about this one.

A short but fast jab. Is great for mix-ups and canceling from j.M, as well as being a decent A2A in close range situations. It is worse on smaller characters however, since this move can whiff, making it not so practical to use on partial amount of the cast. This is still however a really easy move to confirm into and leads to very nasty fuzzies against taller characters.


I came all the way down,..

To get yo ass back on the ground.

Same as his 5M but in the air... and this is where Kid Buu can get some GRIMEY stuff going. A half screen move that is near full overhead, can lead to another overhead into J.H, can be faked out from a fast j.L leading to an empty low 2L, leads to huge damage on tall characters if they get hit, by a grounded 5M, and is tricky to punish if done after super jump. Only problem with this move is that it whiffs on smaller characters unless done near close to the ground, but everybody else has to hold it if he does this with an assist and after a 2S or Magical Ball Attack. 2nd causes a soft knockdown and can combo into J.H. One more thing to note is that the air momentum can travel Kid Buu very far if canceled after 1st hit, as if the move causes a reverse vacuum effect on him, which is useful for sideswitching combos and extending/resetting pressure off assists.


The Majin's High-Flying Elbow

This move is mostly good for coming down with a2as as well as leading some nasty fuzzies on tall characters. It's also very easy to confirm because of J.S, and has good cross-up potential after an IAD on crouching opponents. All-in-all a very solid normal with a big hitbox that's hard to contest outside of 2H Anti-Air.



This is slower than most other 2Hs, but has a pretty big hitbox. It moves him forward a bit and can give him more air time when coupled with J.M. It's only ever useful for air combos and certain air blockstrings, though it can be useful for certain a2a situations.


More pew!

This move is great. It has little air restriction and makes confirms easy, as well as stalling in the air for a quick second to avoid 2Hs or beam specials. It can also be + on block, and recovers fast, leading to high-lows that can catch the opponent off guard with empty low or IAD, provided it's at a certain height and Kid Buu did not spend up all his air actions previously for the IAD option.



Kid Buu has very versatile special moves to help him deal with a multitude of situations as well as open up the opponent. He has a tool for nearly any situation that immediately puts him in an advantageous situation.

Mystic Ball Attack (236LMH)

In the pit!

This move is pretty much a giant hitbox that hits all around him. The L ground version backs him up before he launches into the ground. The M version is faster to start up but recovers slower. The H version mimics the M version, but is faster and hits twice, allowing for a combo. This move is amazing for pressure strings and can lead to high lows with an assist. It is able to cross-up and lead to big damage with meter, like such.

It's also good for throwing a curve ball in neutral since it's generally safe, but can be 2H AA'd, so do use with caution in blockstrings. It's also possible to do it in the air to end in soft knockdown and in a good position to continue assaulting the opponent. All air versions follow in line with their ground counterpart.

Mystic Arm Swing (214LMH)

Gamu Gamu No BIG GRIP.

HARD. READ. AIR UNBLOCKABLE. That's its best use in the neutral. It's also a great tool for conditioning opponents to stay on the ground. L version doesn't really do much and the hitbox is a bit small for reliable use as an AA. The M version has a better hitbox and lets him follow-up for a combo, thought is too slow to combo into and he loses one of his smash properties if he follows up after it. The H version is the superior version out of them all. Leads to combos, is fast, has a good hitbox, and he can combo into it as long as they are in an airborne juggle state. It's really good but he has better options off of his other specials.

Chocolate Beam (236S)


Kid Buu's beam move. Can combat other beams and has fast startup. If it hits, Kid Buu teleports right in front of the opponent, chews them up, and spits them back out. It can lead to crazy damage off of sparking activation and if they get hit by it near the corner, they are going to eat a lot of damage if you have an assist on deck to convert off of it. The downside to all its benefits is its short pushbacks, so doing this to end strings near the corner is a free punish for the opponent. 

Arm Ball (214S)

Let's play arm ball...

with my arm!

This move is your go to oki tool off a ground tech. It leaves the opponent in huge blockstun, allowing for Kid Buu to go for crazy mix-ups or pressure. It also doubles as his assist, giving other characters more mix-up opportunities they couldn't get otherwise. The only drawback is it's really slow start-up but has armor to superdash similar to a beam assist so the opponent can't super dash out of it. It's a great move for okizeme and should be used whenever possible if there's enough time to set it up.

Kamehameha (j.236S)

Just like Kirby would do... steal shit.

Last but not least... another Kamehameha. This has more recovery and startup than other beams, but covers a wide amount of the screen and can lead to great corner damage with the right assist. It's also great way to cover space between him and the opponent.


Human Extinction Attack -
236L+M or 236H+S


This move CAN be used as an AA, but the hitbox is small. It's also not fully invul and a bit slow to come out. Don't let appearances deceive you however as this move gives full sliding knockdown, and gives some characters double super extensions they wouldn't normally get from the rest of the cast. It also does a lot of damage and is tricky to punish at times.

Pearl Flash -j.236L+M or j.236H+S

Omw to steal yo gurl.

Kid Buu SUPAHMANS DAT FLO and passes through projectiles, as well as beams, to do a whopping 23%, which is on the higher side of damage fkr a level 1 super. It's hard to punish on block, is great for Z-Change combos and lets some characters get double super for even more damage. Only problem is that since it's an airborne move, you can be punished with 2H, so being reckless with it will get you killed. This is still a decent reactionary tool against people who have whiffed beams or are mashing the hell out of superdash in rising a2a situations.

Planet Burst -
214L+M or 214H+S


Kid Buu's only frame 1 invul move that packs a HUGE punch. The move barely scales in combos and does a lot of damage at the end of them, especially when tacked on at the end of a Sparking Blast combo. It's not as good for getting hard knockdown as some other characters, but he can still do some concrete stuff the opponent has to hold after it connects.


Cover your approaches with 2M and 5M on the ground to get in, but don't rely on them too much, since they have noticeable recovery and can be IADed over. A2A more instead of relying on his crappy 2H. Use beams to keep the opponent out and vanish whenever to get some damage on the table and start your offense. 5H travels deceptively and is really good for whiff punishing.


This is where the fun begins. Use 2S and Ball Attack to go for high lows accompanied by an assist. Use 2M to vacuum them closer to Kid Buu and get a cross-up from Ball Attack. If they try to reflect out of set-ups, delay blockstrings or do something else to throw their timing off. 2M> 236S/214S mix-up is good against reflect and people who are mashing buttons. 236x(Mystic Ball)/214S is good against vanish or reflect abuse at given points in the string.


As a character who is small and doesn't have to worry about fuzzies as much as some others, you still need to learn how to block and escape out of unfavorable positions you'll come across. Although 5L is good, it can be very stubby and is slow to come out generally. 2H is bad and is not reliable against gimmicky superdash/legit IAD approaches most of the time, and his level 3 is slow to come out, and is very punishable. Escape by any means, but do respect your opponent, else you will get shot.


If you're looking for a very offense heavy, momentum based character who has some of the best neutral in the game, this character is for you. He is suspect in the defense department, but can do serious damage when he gets going on that offense. He can be put on pretty much any team and add at least something new to it with his great assist and overall general tools. His best position is probably point because he is very hard to deal with start of the match without meter which he can build really fast for his team as well.

And that's it for Today's article! Note that I will be taking a hiatus next month for college finals as well as personal family matters, but do keep in mind that I will be here come the month of June... and with that, more content on the way! I'll see y'all next time, and as always follow on Twitter, as well as take a look at the FighterzPro forums for more discussions on character including Kid Buu!

See y'all in the Summer!

(Credits for Pictures: WyseguyBebop)


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