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Carbon’s Cosplay Corner: Intro to Materials

Hey Guys! Last month, we talked about cosplay culture and how to avoid uncomfortable questions and situations. This month, we're going to slow it down a bit and talk about how to choose materials for a project. (more…)
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Release Your Inner Messatsu!

For the record, this guide was intended for when Akuma was first added to the Street Fighter V roster. It is still relevant from what I could see with the roster and throughout any of the changes done to him. I’m going to introduce a few additions to this from what I’ve gathered through playing…
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Top Up-And-Comers For the Panda Global Rankings v.4

With this current PGR season coming to a close at the end of the year, I thought it'd be a great time to review how some new talent has been doing so far this season. Now this isn't a list of people you have never heard of who are looking to break into the edge…
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The Malloy List – October 2017

Ahh... the gentle breeze, changing colors, shorter days. Autumn might finally be getting into gear. Changing of the seasons doesn't stop the show, though, brothers & sisters. This month's induction to the Malloy List is a genuine bargain deal!  (more…)
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Experience of a Saiyan Elite: MVCI Review Part 1

Okay, so starting from day -8 we’re looking at one month of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite to soak in. Going over my notes here, I see a crazy amount to cover. Well, that much hasn’t changed with Marvel. So strap in, get your snacks ready and punch in your cheat codes. For what it’s worth…
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A World of World’s Firsts at GT-X for Smash 4

If you had asked anyone familiar with the Smash 4 competitive scene if they'd imagine a Top 8 that would include characters such as Ryu, Peach, and Luigi, they would call you crazy. Well, that is exactly what happened at GameTyrant Expo this past weekend in Salt Lake City. While the thought of what happened…
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The Dynamek Perspective: A House Divided

I tell you, brothers & sisters, it's like there is simply not enough time in the day. Apologies again falling out of sync with the regularly scheduled programming here. As the old saying goes, "Life happens". Still, though, something has caught my eye... (more…)
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Ramblings & Rants: Perception of DLC

Hey guys, it’s ya boy 2Tall back at it again. I’m very excited about the next article I’m going to write, but you’ll see that in about a month or so. Right now, we are here in the present and the present is where we’re spending $90 on fighting games. *sigh* Let’s get into this. (more…)
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