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The Malloy List – January 2018

Time keeps on tickin', eh? After a considerable absence, the time has once again come to etch a new name onto the sacred Malloy List. This month's candidate is definitely a class act.  (more…)
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Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – January 2018

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears! After months of silence, your boy Aphro is back with more of them crazy sounds to power your beatdowns. To kick off 2018, our first Anthem of the year is all about style.  (more…)
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Character Battle: Platinum the Trinity VS Cythlla

Merry New Year, one & all! In the words of so many villains who have come before me: It's good to be back! I know I fell off pretty hard towards the latter half of 2017, but that's not going to be the case in 2018. To prove that to you all, let's start things off…
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The Dynamek Perspective: Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going (Part 1)

If you're reading this right now, allow me to congratulate you on surviving 2017. To say last year was a rollercoaster would be such an understatement, the mere concept of that sentence could classify as subterranean. So, before things really kick off this year, I'd like to take a few moments to reflect... (more…)
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The Malloy List – October 2017

Ahh... the gentle breeze, changing colors, shorter days. Autumn might finally be getting into gear. Changing of the seasons doesn't stop the show, though, brothers & sisters. This month's induction to the Malloy List is a genuine bargain deal!  (more…)
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The Dynamek Perspective: A House Divided

I tell you, brothers & sisters, it's like there is simply not enough time in the day. Apologies again falling out of sync with the regularly scheduled programming here. As the old saying goes, "Life happens". Still, though, something has caught my eye... (more…)
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The Malloy List – August 2017

Wow! It feels like ages since the last time we etched a name onto the Malloy List. To be fair, though, things have been busy as of late. This month's inductee is a real serious dose... (more…)
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