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The PaKappa Zone: EVO 2018

Warning! The following content may not be suitable for all viewers. Some audiences with high sodium levels, little common sense and blind fandom might take themselves too seriously & completely disregard what comes next. If you need a reprieve from the madness, then go on with your bad self and jump down this rabbit hole.  (more…)
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The PaKappa Zone

Warning! The following may be offensive & detrimental to rational thinking, logic application and IQ levels. Some content may not be deemed appropriate for the faint of heart, those with ill temperament and lack a basic sense of humor. It is a guarantee some readers will feel some type of way and proceed to either chuck this piece…
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Experience of a Saiyan Elite: MVCI Review Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite scouter report. I appreciate your attention & time given as I give my take on all the possible aspects of this game. The game and, by extension, the meta are still in their infancy and growing swiftly. So fast, that I had to extend…
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Experience of a Saiyan Elite: MVCI Review Part 1

Okay, so starting from day -8 we’re looking at one month of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite to soak in. Going over my notes here, I see a crazy amount to cover. Well, that much hasn’t changed with Marvel. So strap in, get your snacks ready and punch in your cheat codes. For what it’s worth…
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Sitting Centerstage: Is There Any Place For Joke Characters?

There I was, sitting in the upper decks, watching the reveal of Abigail and like everyone else in the arena, I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t process what I was seeing. My initial reaction was just one of bewilderment and it wasn’t positive. After digesting what I saw and how outlandish he was, I realize this…
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Sitting Centerstage: Saturation of Fighters

Fighting Game Community, 2017… It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Tensions & passions are running high in the ushered FGC era of E-Sports. Call it a schism, growing pains, sell outs vs. stubborn old fools or whatever you please… it’s not the smoothest of transitions. While all this is…
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Parappa takes the Mic: Marvel Vs. DBZ – New Age of Functions

*Picks up mic* Damn, it’s still hot. Man, oh man, what a June. It’s been an eventful month especially for me. What with staying busy & gearing up for the summer in general. For the gaming world, however, we’re digesting what E3 left for us. For the FGC-hold that thought *HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!*…
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Character Rehab: Street Fighter V – Juri

One, two, check it out… lemme, lemme break it down. So we’re doing something a little different this time around. This is a piggyback off of my last piece about how there’s a right way to build an in-game character concept while making them standout in the cast. I present a character rehabilitation program administered…
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Sitting Centerstage: Blame the Character or the Game?

There’s no hotter hot button topic in the FGC than tiers. Who’s low, high or on top? Who’s ass, who’s God, who’s secret, who’s overrated or underrated? Who’s one patch away from a breakout or a collapse? Who requires the right hands to make them shine even though the tools where there the entire time & no…
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