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Parappa takes the Mic: Marvel Vs. DBZ – New Age of Functions

*Picks up mic* Damn, it’s still hot. Man, oh man, what a June. It’s been an eventful month especially for me. What with staying busy & gearing up for the summer in general. For the gaming world, however, we’re digesting what E3 left for us. For the FGC-hold that thought *HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!*…
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Character Rehab: Street Fighter V – Juri

One, two, check it out… lemme, lemme break it down. So we’re doing something a little different this time around. This is a piggyback off of my last piece about how there’s a right way to build an in-game character concept while making them standout in the cast. I present a character rehabilitation program administered…
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Sitting Centerstage: Blame the Character or the Game?

There’s no hotter hot button topic in the FGC than tiers. Who’s low, high or on top? Who’s ass, who’s God, who’s secret, who’s overrated or underrated? Who’s one patch away from a breakout or a collapse? Who requires the right hands to make them shine even though the tools where there the entire time & no…
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Sitting Centerstage: Do Rivalries Stunt Community Growth?

So… are you team K-Brad or Wolfkrone? Maybe you don’t have a horse in this race but you JUST GOTTA stay tuned. Alright, on the off chance you don’t care about the rivalry… you have to understand the fascination of it all & how vital it is. These two are the current faces of FGC…
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Sitting Centerstage: Shedding Light on Shadow Fighters

We as gamers are a sub-genre of so called ‘nerd/geek culture’. Within our proud culture are the stories & characters that range anywhere from good to evil. We love our characters and the varying reasons why they do what they do; it’s not black or white. The middle ground of hero & villain is where…
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Sitting Centerstage: Soothsaying Mahvel

Stop & think! Where were you the first time you came across a Marvel game published by Capcom? Was it at the arcade? Or was it some random cabinet at a fast food spot or bodega? Maybe even your friend’s house on a home console? Next question, where were you last month when Marvel vs.…
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Experience of a Saiyan Elite: My First King of Fighters

Now since August was a while ago, the burn to fight has either fizzed or sustained for our fighters. For me, it’s been a juggling act in gaming, but I wanted to give KOF14 ample time to form my thoughts on it, so let’s jump right into it. (more…)
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Sitting Centerstage: The Winning & Fun Relationship

Welcome back to the open floor with the inner daydreaming of myself, your host, Parappa. Given how things been with the state of our community and the games, I figured a switch up was needed; something mellow and introspective, not unlike my anecdotes while sitting center stage. (more…)
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