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Release Your Inner Messatsu!

For the record, this guide was intended for when Akuma was first added to the Street Fighter V roster. It is still relevant from what I could see with the roster and throughout any of the changes done to him. I’m going to introduce a few additions to this from what I’ve gathered through playing…
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A Bane in their Behind! Introduction to Bane

Being a heavy hitter is one of Bane’s qualifying features, along with being a command grab prodigy in the Injustice world. The toolkit provided for him makes him a tough opponent to deal with if used properly. (more…)
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Your Life, My Plaything…

For those who play or played Killer Instinct at any time of the 2013 remake knows of a particular vampire character known as Mira that bit into the scene of the third season of the game. (more…)
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