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EVO Ramblings & Rants: Battle Fatigue

Recently, we saw history repeat itself as it so often does. The events that transpired before, during, and after the 2013 Donation Drive still have a lasting impact on my community today, the Skullgirls community. As you might guess, seeing this start up all over again brought back some memories of darker times and mistreatment.…
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Palette Diversity – Angel

Hello, all! I'm back with another Palette Diversity! It's been a while since the R.Mika article, but I certainly haven't stopped thinking about the wonders of diverse colors. I'm a weirdo, right? Well, today I'm going to focus on the KOF series. (more…)
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Zid’s Retro Review – Project Justice

The latest title on my hitlist reveals itself as Project Justice. Released in late 2000, it is the sequel to the cult classic Rival Schools: United by Fate, which dropped in 1997. Over the series' lifetime, it hasn't gotten much spread, but it has made its way to arcades, of course, as well as Playstation, Dreamcast,…
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Marvel Ramblings & Rant

Recently, players have been abuzz about a potential Marvel vs Capcom 4. Between online petitions and talks of it being a potential savior for the FGC, I've sorta had enough of hearing about it. I love Marvel, I really do, and I love Marvel VS games. However, there's a few things that get under my…
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Runback/Retort with… Zidiane

Just recently, one of my team members posted an article railing SFV for some of its missteps. I implore you to read his article at length, but the underlying tone was a reluctant acceptance of SFV. Not specifically by him, but by the FGC. (more…)
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Zid’s Retro Review – Breakers Revenge

Breakers Revenge is a sequel to 1996's Breakers. It seemed just one of so many games that flooded the market using Street Fighter 2 as its inspiration. Being among a sea of 2D fighters with such a similar look and feel, it understandably faded into obscurity. (more…)
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Palette Diversity – R. Mika

A good selection of palettes is one of the most important aspects of a fighting game, outside of the actual gameplay. If you've ever played a fighting game, you've gone through some period of time picking the right color for your character. One that just felt right for you, the one you always go to…
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Zid’s Retro Review – Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Street Fighter 2 dropped in 1991, 25 years ago this month, revolutionizing the way we played video games. It was such a phenomenal change to not only the way we played, but the way we thought of both multiplayer games & the 2D plane.  (more…)
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