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Tips, tricks & tactics from the KPB family & other related FGC content we approve.

A Bane in their Behind! Introduction to Bane

Being a heavy hitter is one of Bane’s qualifying features, along with being a command grab prodigy in the Injustice world. The toolkit provided for him makes him a tough opponent to deal with if used properly. (more…)
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Get In The Ring!!! – A Shun’ei Guide for All Comers

Hey y'all, EXWildWolf here again with another KOF XIV character guide! I just want to say thank you all for the support & outreach for my last guide. It means a lot to me and I hope you guys continue loving them as I dive deeper into the more obscure characters in the game that gets…
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Get In The Ring!!! – Ryuji Yamazaki Guide for All Comers

Hello all! EXWildWolf here again with another article for KOF XIV! This time, we’re going to go a bit more in-depth and focus on the character people believe to be the strongest DLC fighter of the bunch… Ryuji Yamazaki! Whether you're a newcomer, intermediate or advanced player, this guide will surely help you out. Let's begin! (more…)
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Your Life, My Plaything…

For those who play or played Killer Instinct at any time of the 2013 remake knows of a particular vampire character known as Mira that bit into the scene of the third season of the game. (more…)
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Zid’s Retro Review – Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Street Fighter 2 dropped in 1991, 25 years ago this month, revolutionizing the way we played video games. It was such a phenomenal change to not only the way we played, but the way we thought of both multiplayer games & the 2D plane.  (more…)
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Solitary Confidement

I'm excited for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Still. Even after that Decapre hate reared its ugly little mask, I am still quite excited for the fighter, and to be honest, you should too.

Killer Insight – Dial C for Combo

Submitted and written by KPB Master Onion Okay, so I made the first article without a clever title…sorry…anyway, it’s MasterONIon and I’m here with some more tips for Killer Instinct to elevate your game to Godlike proportions. To better do that, I’m going to go in-depth with each character’s unique combo trait. Get your tips…
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Breakin’ : Killer Insight

Hey guys, it’s MasterONIon, letting you in on a few tips I’ve gathered about breaking combos in KI, basically a go-to guide to not spend your time locked out and getting roflstomped into a King or Godlike combo. Read more after the bump. 1.) When it comes to breaking regular combos, it’s smart to commit…
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The Mean of Marvel

               Right, weekly column…my bad. I’d explain, but that’d take up too much time and be a somber note on an informational piece. To that end, to make up for not having an article last week (which is on TMNT: Tournament Fighters, to spoil the surprise), I thought I’d leave a gem of wisdom and…
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