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Sitting Centerstage: Blame the Character or the Game?

There’s no hotter hot button topic in the FGC than tiers. Who’s low, high or on top? Who’s ass, who’s God, who’s secret, who’s overrated or underrated? Who’s one patch away from a breakout or a collapse? Who requires the right hands to make them shine even though the tools where there the entire time & no…
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The Malloy List – April 2017

"No rest for the weary", they say... guess that applies to me now, huh? While it is very true that I have been extraordinarily busy as of late (with no signs of slowing down on the horizon), there's still work to be done... (more…)
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Sitting Centerstage: Do Rivalries Stunt Community Growth?

So… are you team K-Brad or Wolfkrone? Maybe you don’t have a horse in this race but you JUST GOTTA stay tuned. Alright, on the off chance you don’t care about the rivalry… you have to understand the fascination of it all & how vital it is. These two are the current faces of FGC…
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Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – April 2017

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears! Oh, the Dynamek One & Only has been busy, folks, and I got no intention of slowing down just yet. Still got to bring the noise before I leave, though, so this month's Anthem is getting cranked up to 11! (more…)
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The Dynamek Perspective: Vicious Cycle

Oh, dear... it would seem that I've fallen behind schedule again. Well, if I'm being honest, that was by design. Partially because I had to bring on some new writers, but mainly due to the fact that I needed some dust to settle first.  (more…)
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Getting Ready for KOF XIV 2.0

Hello all! My name is EXWildWolf, a competitive fighting game player who is also a lab junkie. I started out with KOF as my first game to learn. KOF is an amazing fighting game series, especially with the latest entry in the series, KOF XIV! (more…)
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The Malloy List – March 2017

Another month winding down, another name etched onto the hallowed Malloy List. Today, we're shining the spotlight on someone who (quite literally) lives up to this column's namesake... (more…)
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Sound Theory – Zero (MMX/UMVC3)

Hey everyone! The Marvel fervor was high, so I had to write a few pieces about it. I haven’t been talking about music as much, but for this write up, I’ve returned to my roots. This month's Sound Theory features one of my favorite character themes to appear in a fighting game and that is the theme of…
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Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – March 2017

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears. Weather notwithstanding, I had a rather enjoyable weekend. How about you? This month's Anthem is about the folks out there that hold nothing back... (more…)
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