Who are we?

We're Kick-Punch-Block, otherwise known as KPB!

Helping to expand the Fighting Game community locally in the heart of NYC, nationally, and eventually worldwide.


Kevin "DarkKV" Vega is a member of the KPB stream team, born and raised in the suburbs of Miami, Florida. At the age of 13 (2010) he discovered the one and only MvC2 cabinet at the Gameworks he would visit often at the time, and ever since then he would never spend any of his credits on any other game at that arcade. His passion for fighting games grew exponentially over the years.

He began streaming on during his freshman year of high school in 2011 and later switched to Twitch the following year, slowly learning and developing the skills needed to one day stream full-time. Throughout high school he only played MvC2 and UMvC3 somewhat casually. However, near the end of his senior year in 2015, he expanded onto multiple other fighting games and began to stream them for almost 24/7 after graduation. During this time was when he discovered his new-found favorite fighting game of all time, Skullgirls. After learning so much knowledge on the fighting game genre, he picked up Ultra Street Fighter IV, also developing a passion for anime fighters on the side, and began to practice Guilty Gear XRD -Sign-, Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend, and Melty Blood Actress Again alongside his main game, Skullgirls. As an extremely competitive and disciplined person, even as a child, he settles for nothing but the best in his class or character.

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