Who are we?

We're Kick-Punch-Block, otherwise known as KPB!

Helping to expand the Fighting Game community locally in the heart of NYC, nationally, and eventually worldwide.

Rodimus Prime

Playing fighting games like Karate Champ as a wee, single digit-aged boy while standing on a milk crate at one of the local Bodegas of The Bronx during the 80’s, Rodney Reid has always been a fan of Fighting Games for as long as his interest in Video Gaming began. Fast forward to 2009 where Ultra Street Fighter IV ushered in a new era of Warriors was the time where Rodney decided to return and be an active part of the fighting game community after nearly a ten year hiatus. Although getting into the scene was fairly easy, some of things he observed in the community once he was on the inside didn't sit well. And after careful consideration, he decided he needed to create the change he wanted to see. Thus, Kick-Punch-Block! was born. Co-founded with his longtime friend Stephen Chhouth, KPB is a dream made into a reality that’s just barely begun.

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