Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – April 2014

Hello again, my FGC brothers & sisters... Aphro Dynamek here to share a little something special with you all. Something that has -always- been a great joy to me over the years is music. I tell everyone that it's pretty much my second language. Furthermore, some of my favorite music has come from fighting games. (Case in point, this little number will always get my blood boiling!)

With all that being said, I figured why not find a way to marry these loves of mine. Which leads us to the first installment of Aphro's Asskicking Anthems! Every month, I'm going to share a song with you that I actually have on my 'Active Playlist' and attach it to a character who I feel either embodies that track or could use it as a makeshift theme song. So without further ado, check out "Speak in Tongues" by High on Fire:

Pretty heavy stuff, ain't it? I could also imagine this choice seeming a little odd coming from a guy named 'Aphro', but that's just how I am: I love -ALL- music and the 3,795 songs on my Playlist (as of the writing of this piece) come from damn near every genre, from all over the world & in a wide variety of languages. So now that that's out of the way, the question stands... who does this song fit? I am glad you asked.


None other than the Great Enigma himself, baby... the one & only Dormammu! Honestly, after watching his appearence in the first MVC3 trailer, I thought he was the freaking final boss of the game. Obviously, that wasn't the case, but you have to admit... pretty badass entrance. And, I ask you, does not such a badass entrance require, nay, DEMAND something heavy to make it stand out? Between how brutal this track is and the unavoidable fact his head's always on fire, I couldn't think of a better song for the Lord of Chaos. Keep fighting the good fight, my friends...

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