KPB Character Battle: Scorpion VS Dhalsim

Happy 'Murica Day, my FGC brothers & sisters! Wherever your plans may have led you over the weekend, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves because I know I did. Matter of fact, one of the usual 4th of July activities is the focus of our Character Battle this month. Find out how we're throwing down after the jump...

So, like I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to enjoy my holiday weekend this year and that's primarily because I got to kick back & enjoy some good ol' BBQ action with some of the KPB crew. It's one thing to enjoy gaming, but there are very few things better than getting your grub on with your crew while tossing back some Fireball shots. Anyways, our little get together got me to thinking and on my way home, I had an epiphany regarding this month's Character Battle: Showdown for the title of "FGC Grillmaster Supreme"!

Ten points to anyone who can pick up the double reference here...

Ten points to anyone who can pick up the double reference here...

That's right, boys & girls... we're putting two of the last fighters anyone would ever expect to go head-to-head against each other for our collective amusement! Mortal Kombat's favoritve ninja, Scorpion, will be taking on the Stretch Armstrong of Street Fighter, Dhalsim. Now, just to both make things clear & to reiterate a point, this is -NOT- a "who would win in a fight" scenario. Those don't do it for me anymore. Remember, these two are duking it out to become Grillmaster Supreme. Obviously, they've been picked because they both have a way with the most dangerous element of all: FIRE!

Scorpion (aka Hanzo Hasashi) earned his control of fire the hard way: he's a freaking wraith. To become a wraith, one has to have died & been resurrected as an inhuman entity/evil spirit. As such, he attained control of fire upon his return to the mortal realm. (Same thing happened to Noob Saibot, but with shadows instead of flames.) As for Dhalsim, well... that's a bit more complicated due to the fact that the origin of his firebreathing abilities has changed a LOT over the years. Originally, it was said that he developed it after eating too much curry. Then it was changed to "a blessing from Agni, Hindu god of fire". A third revision claims that it comes from his mastering of the kundalini energies within himself. The most recent (and currently accepted) theory is that his flames are illusionary & can only harm those who believe they'll be burned. For the record, I'll leave you good people to pick whichever version of this story makes the most sense to you personally.

Okay, so now that we (kind of) know how they both use their fire, how exactly does that work in becoming a grillmaster. Keep in mind, a good grillmaster both cooks & helps serve his guests. He also must know how to gauge whether or not a particular piece (be it chicken, beef, pork or fish) is done. And there, my friends, is where the problem begins. On one hand, while he may be able to summon adequate flames to cook up any piece of meat, Scorpion isn't exactly a 'people person'. The second someone comes back to complain about the food, there's a strong chance your BBQ is going to go from awesome to tragic in a bloodsoaked instant. On the other hand, Dhalsim is quite famously known to be Hindu & the Hindu diet is somewhat strict when it comes to the consumption of meat. However, the deciding factor here is Dhalsim's attitude. He's known an exceptionally altruistic individual. Kind, generous & helpful. Most importantly, Dhalsim never loses his cool. (Also, his legendary stretchiness makes him an ideal server.) That right there seals the deal on who is best suited to be FGC Grillmaster Supreme!


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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