The Dynamek Perspective: Can There Be a Morning After?

So now that all the dust has settled, has everyone recovered from EVO 2014 yet? Yeah, me neither. Anyways, there's soon to be a vacuum in gaming and we all know that natures abhors a vacuum. I'm talking about the situation with Capcom. After the jump, it's time to face facts...

The primordial soup from which the FGC came.

The proverbial 'primordial soup' from which the FGC came.

Do I have your attention yet? Good! Now, it's no secret that Capcom has seen better days, what with all the news of buyouts floating around. This really shouldn't be surprising or devastating considering their financial woes from last year are still looming. Given the severity of the situation, there are not many options left to the company. Outside of selling off their IPs, the writing seems to be on the wall. However, despite the fact that I'm sure ABSOLUTELY nobody will listen to me, I have a somewhat radical idea that might at least stop the bleeding... if only for long enough until they can figure things out. The best part is that my crazy idea's not only simple, but would actually benefit the entire FGC:

Sell your fighting game IPs to your old competitors.

I'm aware that this might sound like blasphemy to some of you, but hear me out. Whether or not most of you are aware of this, Capcom has given us a LOT of fighting games over the years besides Street Fighter & Marvel. In fact, they have quite a gallery of fighters, but they all fell to the wayside. Some were admittedly better than others, but I'm not here to point fingers or pass the buck or anything like that. Aphro Dynamek is here to be a problem solver. So what we're going to do today is reassign some of Capcom's older fighting IPs to the studios & companies that could probably handle them the best.


Starting off my little game of mix-n-match is Power Stone. Talk about fun on a bun! If you can play a few rounds of this gem (pun FULLY intended) & not walk away smiling, I recommend Xanax because this game is practically five minutes away from being pure joy in pixelated form. The gameplay is energetic, the characters are lively & the overall feel of this game as a whole is what the world needs sometimes: FUN! That being said, it's no mystery who should revive this game. Let Nintendo work some of its SMASH magic on this title and watch the world become a better place from all the smiles & laughter it brings to the masses.


Next up, we have Mega Man: The Power Battle. Now, I made slight mention of this game a few month's ago, but now it deserves some serious attention. First off, I need to make a distinction of something. Hypothetically speaking, I would want the next iteration of this game to focus on the Mega Man X storyline. Furthermore, I'm talking about X1 through X5... X6 was made without Keiji Inafune's input or involvement (which led to Zero ridiculously coming back to life after his rather poignant sacrifice in X5) and while I have no real beef with Axl, the games he was in sucked horribly. Also, you won't even need to use any of the Mavericks (except maybe Dragoon because he's technically a Cyber-Shoto) because all the plot-relevant characters more than fill out a decent roster. As for who should take the reins of this title, I say give it to Dimps, the same people who gave us their own little hidden gem of a fighter in the Rumble Fish series. It would be a near-perfect marriage of styles.


Moving right along, we have Plasma Sword. This (and Star Gladiator before it) was Capcom's jump into weapon-based combat. Definitely a worthwhile effort and a notable use of 3D, this game had a certain pinache to it. Use of the "mirror effect" on the roster notwithstanding, everyone had their own particular addition to the fray with the inclusion of combo trees & the Plasma Field. Some people could stop time, others turned you into a whack-a-mole and one even made you invisible. It was calculated action and it made for a fun experience. If anyone over the years has proven that they know weapons-based combat, that would be Namco. Just consider how much -more- interesting this game could be if it had all that muscle behind it...


Onto the next one, we land on the more macabre side of things with Vampire Savior. Everyone already knows this game's most famous character, but there's plenty of badass to go around on this roster. From vampires to werewolves, mummies to ghouls, warrior monks to bounty hunters & plenty in between, you got one of the more diverse collections of fighters and fighting styles at your command. Know what that sounds like? Something that the crew at Arc System Works does both well & often. Matter of fact, that particular passage of my article was inspired by an onlooker to one of my casual BBCP matches and couldn't help but notice that a wolf (Valkenhayn) was fighting Frankenstein (Tager). As such, he immediately thought I was playing a new Darkstalkers game. In all honesty, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch for ASW.


Shifting gears a bit, I'd like to talk about Tech Romancer. Sadly, I've only ever played this game in one location and that's when I was a kid in the old neighborhood. Of all places, a local Filipino restaurant had its arcade cabinet & I dropped at least $5 a week in that game. Frankly, I don't understand why this game didn't have a wider reach because if there is one thing I've learend in all my travels, it's that giant robots beating the hell out of each other will never not be entertaining. Why is that ever in question? Anyways, this is a problem that solves itself because Omega Force is pretty much already doing that on a regular basis. Only adding to this particular pedigree is their partnership with Koei Tecmo (the people who took over the Dead or Alive series). This game is practically begging to be made.


Finally, we come to the crown jewel in Capcom's collection & my personal favorite (best being saved for last, of course), PROJECT JUSTICE!!! This is a game I play whenever the opportunity presents itself & I will continue to geek out over it until the day I die. I could go on for hours about the gameplay, engine or story, but that's not why I'm here today. Ironically, the best group for the job on this one is SNK Playmore. They already have years of experience working with the team mechanic, we all know they get along with Capcom's characters and their recent dedication to reviving the artistic look of their games has been exemplary. I could only imagine how amazing the Triple Team Attacks would look with KOF XIII's style. Ahh, glorious...

But anyways, my FGC brothers & sisters, this is simply a wishlist... all purely hypothetical. Chances are none of these titles will ever see another proper release anytime soon & I'm more than likely wasting my breath even considering any of this. Alas, a man can dream, can he not?

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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