The Dynamek Perspective: Bittersweet Honesty

Good evening to you all. I sincerely hope the holiday season is treating you well & that you're all enjoying yourselves. As for me, I'm using this time off to catch up on a great deal of R&R that I sacrificed over the last few months. However, I have a conundrum on my hands... 

You see, I really have no way of closing out 2014 with the sense of completion that one would assume the last article of any given year should. I can't think of any collection of matches or events that deserve to collated in a Top 10 or anything like that. If I may speak frankly, I can't view this time of year as the end of anything other than my calendar's usefulness. With all the majors for this year done & wrapped up, there's honestly no point in trying to say which match was the best or who had the greatest run of 2014 because, in all honesty, I've grown to see the FGC in a much different light over the last few months.

Lone gone are the days where I would gush over any one player or be amazed by a specific tournament. Now that I'm on the other side of the proverbial 'veil', this tiny little world we've both crafted & inhabit has shifted dramatically for me. I still love fighting games, don't worry... that's (hopefully) not going to change anytime soon. Truth be told, I've developed a slightly more detailed appreciation of them in 2014. The waters are considerably deeper & more expansive that I had originally believed before joining this team. Then again, that may have also been the catalyst for this shift in how I view things now.

Over the last few months, I've seen a near breakdown, if not a complete rejection of the idea of progress. How do I mean that? Simple... when you have a company use a pallette swap as a quote unquote "major" reveal, another company completely overlook one of its own milestones & a third straight up release an unfinished game as an exclusive next-gen selling point then something is noticeably wrong. And yet, we sit there with an eerily placid grin on our collective faces as if they're doing us a favor by half-assing it from pillar to post. When, why & how did that sense of complacency take such root in us & why are we not taking some kind of a stand against this foolishness?

Oh, that's right... I forgot. We're not doing any of that because, currently (and forevermore, it seems), the apparent crown jewel of our illustrious culture is a colossal monument (of damn near Titanesque proportions) to the very ideals of complacency. We practically idolize a game that, by every extent of the imagination, cannot progress or evolve any further. There is no hope of improvement on the horizon, but we cling to it like a dying loved one on their last breath. We prioritize it over everything else, holding it up as a banner for all the world to see. Both it & our devotion to it are testaments to why our community may forever be doomed to perpetual mediocrity. But hey... it always brings the hype, right?

However, hype -- in all of its many various forms -- ultimately depends on the people... and, as the old song says: "Put my faith in the people, but the people let me down". One would think, for all our numbers & bravado, that a commmunity (repeat: COMMUNITY) would have a little more integrity, honor, foresight, discipline and hygiene, for the love of God. Never mind a sense of unity, because that would just be ludicrous. Oh no, that's not our forte. Nope, we're prone to blind/fickle hero worship & a surprising level of cattiness, not unlike most of the dregs that populate reality TV. A good friend of mine put it in almost perfect perspective a few months back: "There too many people focused on the red carpet & not enough paying attention to the actual movie itself." A part of me wants to dissect that statement because there's a lot to unload there, but I'm going to leave it here untouched so that you can draw your own conclusion as to its meaning.

Hmm, but who am I kidding here? It's not like too many people actually read these articles of mine, anyways. I've pretty much just been shouting in the dark this year. Despite this, I will continue to use this forum to unapologetically speak my mind because opportunities to do so are all too rare. The truth is that I prefer to speak through my actions & I like to think that my actions have been speaking volumes over the last few months. I've pushed myself to the utmost limits in order to advance & uplift my team's profile. I've reached out to models, musicians, organizers & game developers with the intent of spreading our influence and network. I do all this because I still firmly believe in the idea of progress and I intend to uphold that belief for as long as there is strength in me. More to the point, the idea of being on this team means more to me than the sting of my disappointments. And, at the end of such a year, that's important to remember as we approach 2015.


Despite almost everything that led up to it... THIS is still my favorite moment of 2014.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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