The Malloy List – December 2014

Hello again, one & all! Aphro Dynamek here to induct another warrior onto the Malloy ListThis month's inclusion epitomizes the word "legendary" and is one of the first names most of us think of when we he hear anyone say "hero". After the jump, let's meet this month's inductee...

If I were to ask you who was your favorite superhero growing up, chances are I could survey 100 different people & get 100 different answers. There wouldn't be a single thing wrong with that, either. Growing up, we had that freedom. Truth be told, that's why the group dynamic worked so well when we were kids. It allowed us to imprint a small piece of ourselves into what we enjoyed. In return, doing so helped us discover ourselves a little bit. As a kid, you could measure yourself (and, by extention, others around you) by identifying with one character amongst a group. If I can wax philosophical for a minute, that behavior is indictative of the Four Humors. If that previous link is too much read, might I suggest this video... it's easier on the eyes & is simply hilarious.

The reason I bring all that up is because of who we're adding to the ranks this month. I mentioned before that he is synonymous with the words "hero" & "legendary". On top of all that, he's even got a color scheme that fits this holiday season. Hell, that video even kind of gave it away already. Enough beating around the proverbial bush, though... if it's not apparent yet, allow me to spell it out for you.

He only needs four shades to beat your ass... and gray ain't one of 'em.

You're damn right! I'm talking about the one & only Dr. Thomas Oliver/Tommy... the greatest Ranger of all time. This is a guy who has been kicking ass for decades. How much of a badass is this guy? He's been a Ranger five times. He's a naturally gifted fighter, chosen leader -and- a professor with a doctorate in paleontology. Let's not forget that, as a Ranger, he's connected to the Morphing Grid... an energy field which balances all life. As dangerous as he can be on his own, that power boost makes him an otherworldly threat.

So what game is worthy enough to have Tommy on the roster? That's actually an easier call than you might think, my FGC brothers & sisters. I would nominate the Great Ranger for UNIEL. Aside from the joke here (that I'm going to leave you to figure out at your own pace), care to guess why I'd put Tommy in this type of game? Simple: because he could handle it. Relentless psycho who uses his own blood to fight? Easy. Eternal giant outfitted with what looks like construction equipment? Lite work. Self absorbed harpy hellbent on rewriting reality? Been there & done that already. Simply put, he could keep up with this crew at any speed. Hell, if this guy can end up in the game, Tommy will fit in just fine.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends. Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Kick-Punch-Block!

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