The Malloy List – January 2015

Hello again, my FGC brothers & sisters. Just like clockwork, I have returned to add another name to the Malloy List. In the spirit of the holiday, we're inducting (a version of) one of history's greatest uniters. Find out who joins the ranks after the jump...

As I mentioned earlier, this latest addition is honor of the holiday's namesake, Martin Luther King, Jr. I sincerely doubt that I need to elaborate on the man's legacy, but I would like for everyone who reads this article to take at least a solitary moment to reflect on the impact he had on society & appreciate the sacrifices that were made for the sake of those who come after him (namely, us). With all that being said, this month's inductee is a fellow historical figure known for many things, not the least of which is a funny hat.

There's obviously more to this man's legacy. The kind of greatness that allows people to shape the course of human history is either achieved by, born into or thrust upon those who can ultimately handle the burden of it. Both MLK and this month's inductee, while unaware of the roles they would ultimately play in the grand scheme of things, had the fortitude to bear that burden. Unfortunately, I wouldn't dream of putting MLK in a fighting game because that personally feels blasphemous, so I'm just gonna go with this healthy alternative.


"Before you ask... yes, they provide me a practically unprecedented level of comfort in combat."

That strapping young gentleman is Sengoku Basara's vision of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Now, I don't have the time to get into how influential this guy was regarding Japanese history, but if you're looking for a good starting point... might I suggest the currently ongoing series, Extra Credits: Sengoku Jidai. It won't tell you absolutely everything about him, but it will start you on the right path. Anyways, this particular version of Ieyasu (as opposed to his other, more serious in-game incarnation) seems to have been crafted solely for the purpose of being in a fighting game. Seriously, check out this video and try to tell me otherwise. And for all my internationally astute FGC family, I'm sure you're already aware that the Sengoku Basara series already has a fighting game in its library. While that is true, there are a few things to remember: 1) This version of Ieyasu wasn't in it, 2) he was only a support character in the game and 3) the game never had a proper release in the States. (Also, it was broken as hell!)

Another thing to consider is Ieyasu's fighting style. In the video I linked above, you'll notice that he fights almost exclusively with his hands. While that might not seem impressive in terms of fighting games, keep in mind that him and his brass knuckles are holding their own against a one-eyed samurai who fights with six swords à la Wolverine, a possibly undead princess who is wielding darkness itself, a (literally) flying ninja and a very cynical redhead with more guns than Rambo. Taking all that into consideration, he becomes WAY more impressive. However, to be perfectly fair, Ieyasu does have his own Gundam as a bodyguard/mode of transportation. So, yeah... there's that.

Now after hearing all that, what game could this guy possibly fit in? Well, while I'm sure there are some of you out there that think I might say throw him in Marvel & call it a day, that doesn't work for me. You see, the Sengoku Basara series is simply too foreign for most of us to get into here in the States. One could even say that it's "too anime to be an anime game" and there would be some validity to that claim. For that very reason, the game that Ieyasu would feel most at home in is Tatsunoko VS Capcom. Just think about it, he'd be with Capcom family and feel right at home with the Tatsunoko crowd on account of Tadakatsu. This would be a match made in FGC heaven, I tell you!

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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