The Malloy List – September 2015

Alright, folks... I'm going to level with you: This month's addition to the Malloy List is partly about venting, but mostly tieing up loose ends. As an added bonus, this article is also going to be a double header. No mystery this time around, ladies & gentlemen... 

This month's dual inductees have been teased & tiptoed around in their respective series and, if I'm to be perfectly honest, I'm a little frustrated by it. What separates them from your usual background NPC fodder is that they both have actually impacted gameplay & storyline. Even worse, they have direct connections to characters in their games! I can't think of any logical reason why they haven't gotten more involved. However, I'm just a gamer... the auteurs behind the games themselves know better than I do. Anyways, let's look behind Curtain #1.


With everything going on in this pic, you never been nothing more than a Striker... pathetic!

A practical boogeyman in a series filled with terrifying figures, we have the leader of the Hizoku Clan... Ron. What makes Ron unique to me is that aside looking badass & never proving it, he's actually the father of not one, but TWO characters: Duo Lon from the main series & Xiao Lon from Maximum Impact. Last time I checked, there is a very long history of fathers kicking ass alongside their children/kicking their children's asses in fighting games... so why the hell is he not getting in on this action?! Furthermore, he spent a majority of his screen time rambling on about the "Dragon Spirit", some (apparently) mysterious power that seems to reside in -- of all people -- Sie Kensou & Bao. Overlooking the fact that this would have been an interesting plot shift, it could have been the next saga for KOF & granted him an entrance onto the quote unquote "main stage". Obviously, that hasn't happened yet.

For that very reason, I want his necromantic ass in KOF XIVAt this point, I don't even care how they go about it... just put him (and whoever his teammates end up being) in the game to be done with it! I don't even care if they incorporate the Dragon Spirit into the game's storyline or not. You can even make him the boss for all I care since he's got the look. Hell, let him take Bao hostage & drain whatever energy out of him so we'd get a powered up version... like Honki ni Natta Karate.

Moving on, I did say we were contemplating two inductees this month & the second one is even more frustrating than the first because he has a more intriguing connection to his game's storyline than Ron. On top of that, you actually get a chance to challenge him (albeit in a slightly different medium than what we're used to) and see what he's really capable of in a fight. Finally, he's got his own awesome theme music... what more proof is needed that he should get on the roster?!


Take a good long look at him now because he's not playable... not yet, anyways.

One of the more enigmatic characters I've ever seen, Raven is fascinating. Aside from being That Man's apparent right hand, he also has some power over time and is functionally immortal. His body regenerates from any & all injury. Let's cut to the chase, though... Raven is an alternate timeline version of Axl Low. Fighting games have already proven how awesome alternate timelines can be, so there's plenty to work with on that single notion alone. Seriously, it blows my mind that he hasn't become part of the active roster yet.

Thankfully, a compromise seems to have been reached between my wishlist and the universe because he's actually making an appearance in -REVELATOR-. Who knows... maybe this can lead to a new playable version of him joining the cast in the next iteration of Guilty Gear Xrd? If so, I know who's joining my current main in heavy rotation.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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