Character Battle: Chin Gentsai VS Shun Di

Can it be real? Has the weather finally gotten its act together? Only time will tell, I suppose. Until then, it's time to get into another Character Battle! This month's contest is a serious showdown between two wily veterans of combat... even if they themselves don't always take things seriously.

With the beautiful weather most assuredly comes the foolishness, we all know that. I'm pretty sure everyone here has either been witness or victim of some type of madness once it gets warm outside. More often than not, alcohol is most definitely involved in some of the madness. Nothing wrong with that. A good, hearty libation can go a long way towards enhancing the fun... or it could lead to tragedy. Pretty much a 50/50, to be honest. Some people, however, are considerably more functional while under the influence. That's the type of person we're highlighting this month... I want to know who is the Most Functional Drunk!

Hard to respect your elders when they're blowing a .28 BAC all day every day...

Hard to respect your elders when they're blowing a possible .28 BAC at all times...

God help anyone who dares to get between these old men & their sauce. Chin Gentsai from the long-running King of Fighters series & Virtua Fighter's Shun Di are both well known for tossing a few back in the heat of battle. Unlike other fighters, who only use the style, these old men walk (er, stumble along) the proverbial walk. During their sporadic patches of sobriety, they're both teachers of the martial arts. Also, to settle a small area of contention, Shun is actually the older of the two, clocking in at a stunning 106 years old. By comparison, Chin is a veritable whippersnapper at only 89. However, as a wise man (portraying a wiser man) once said: "Never underestimate the power of the elderly."

So which one of these combative curmudgeons is the more functional of the two? Seeing them in action in their respective games, you would be hard pressed to discern between them. When you look into their stories, though, the difference becomes apparent. Shun has spent the majority of his inclusion in the World Fighting Tournament to hunt down the whereabouts of a missing student... and that's about it. I applaud the tenacity he's displayed, but that's a single task that hasn't yet been completed after four tournaments. Chin, on the other hand, is practically Mr. Popularity. Aside from training the Psycho Soldiers for X amount of years, he's also phone buddies with Kula Diamond. Also, when he had suspicions about some of his students, he knew enough to recruit K' & Maxima to investigate. That right there is some next level multitasking.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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