The Malloy List – May 2016

Ahh, can you feel it in the air? The planets are aligning just right... Combo Breaker 2016 is nearly upon us! There's plenty to enjoy this year and I intend enjoying myself to the fullest. Before my trip, however, there's work to be done. Another name must be etched onto the hallowed Malloy List. After the jump, meet this month's inductee...

So, I hope everyone was able to celebrate Mother's Day accordingly. Thankfully, Edible Arrangements made it possible for me to help Momma Dynamek enjoy her day. (Woohoo! A happy momma equals no drama.) As such, I felt it would be appropriate to add a mother to our collection this month. One might think that presents an arduous challenge, but remember... I'm not just anyone, I'm the Dynamek One! Not only are there some truly epic matrons out there, but we also can see that a few others are going to do that title justice when the time comes. Regardless of what already is and/or what might be in the future, I have one in mind that pretty much defines the phrase "one tough mother".


When you saw your mom get this angry, you already knew what was about to happen...

Nicole Watterson is easily one of the most terrifying mothers in the history of television, forget just animation. As the breadwinner and matriarch of the Watterson family, she has her hands full with their shenanigans pretty much 24/7. A mother's work is truly never done. While the Watterson men leave... a lot to be desired (on so many levels), there is some hope. Nicole's daughter, Anais, seems to take after her mother in terms of competence. The real question, though, is whether or not Anais will inherit her mother's raw, seething, unbridled rage. Even for a cartoon character, Nicole's anger can warp reality to such an extent that I think she might be a lost Omega. She's OP enough as it is...

Now, given how remarkably capable she is, you might be thinking I'll toss her into a possibly mainstream title. However, you'd be wrong. You see, I believe that equality & equity should be doled out at the right times. That being said, I want to put Nicole in Playstation All-Star Battle Royale. Aside from being the digital manifestation of "late to the party", PASBR had an amazing roster. Unfortunately, to kick a dead horse, their timing was spectacularly off. I will give them credit where credit is rightfully due with making God of War's Zeus the main antagonist. Something about that guy... he just has a punchable face.

Seeing as how guest characters are all the rage these days, imagine how much of a draw having a beloved/feared cartoon character would be for any title where that wouldn't be totally awkward. Besides, she'd be in great company with all the other anthropomorphic felines/marsupials on the roster. The absolute best part, though, is that she would be a legit challenge for everyone, superpower wielding heroes/psychopaths included. Oh yeah, Momma Watterson would fit right in.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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