Parappa takes the Mic: Man, F*CK Capcom!

This is going to be the last time I rip on Street Fighter V, I promise! Although the issue isn’t with the game itself, hit the jump and I’ll explain it all.

If this becomes long winded and repetitive, I apologize in advance & will try my best to avoid that. Being human, as you know, we have our breaking point and have the need to vent so... this is such a time for me. For a few years now, December has been the reflective month for me when it comes to things relating to the Fighting Game Community. It started back in 2014 at NEC 15, right when the Street Fighter V leak & confirmation got out. That weekend stood out vividly because I was at a crossroads with fighters, I felt out of place and a little bit burned out. After the tournament, I decided to take a break from playing competitively & step away from the scene until the following EVO. My decision left me rusty by the time SF5 dropped, but you live & you learn. It’s enclosing on two years since that weekend in Philadelphia… I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting SF5 to be where it is right now.

Given just how easy SF5 has made it to pick up and learn the mechanics of the game, how the execution was simplified with the input leniency, I didn’t think that this game would prove one of my little cousin’s Call of Duty friends right. “Street Fighter IV was way better than V, look it up.” Not even a month into the game's lifespan, I got this kind of lip. There’s just so many things wrong with that one line besides comparing a two week old game to its 8 year old predecessor. No, I didn’t curse out a snarky 11 year old because he doesn’t know any better; I did, however, put him in his place like any self respecting adult gamer that owns Sega Genesis cartridges older than him. It not the fault of casual gamers being oblivious to the cogs of making a game run, that obligation belongs to the players that want to dig deeper into the game and/or scene. Like I said however, it’s been about 10 months of SF5 and Capcom has proven this kid right… SF4 is a better game than SF5.

Each meta for these SF iterations has its fans; personally I prefer how SF5 does things, but it’s apples and oranges. The major problem is SF4 brought more apples than 5 brought oranges! Whatever has been promised has been delivered late and half-assed. Silly oversights or countermeasures (there’s too many to name) have led to things like leaving your computer information susceptible to hackers. It’s going on 10 months in this game’s lifespan and there’s still no Arcade Mode. Let it sink in, Arcade Mode… the most basic of modes in any fighter. Something that SF has had for decades. Depending on what port you were playing, it was the only mode! For God’s sake, Overwatch (a shooter!) got an arcade mode before SF5. There is no more defending the problems this game has, so as it turns out, I owe that kid an apology! Capcom has put themselves & anyone that cares about either them or the products they put out in a flat out embarrassing position including myself. It’s has become a tradition now and I cannot palm my face any further.

The signs have been there all along for years. You can say UMVC3 was hindered by the Marvel license... fine, that’s if you want to be generous. The telltale sign, though, was the Street Fighter x Tekken complete botch with gem micro transactions which was woven into the fabric of the game itself & I won’t even get into the DLC fiasco. Then they handle all that mess a year later when no one cares; I know it’s obvious that it bothers me. Growing up in the 90's, you couldn’t even imagine those two series falling into one game and actually working. It was something that you’d have to pray for or put it on your Christmas list to Santa just to see by some miracle -- an outside force you don’t understand -- can somehow make it happen. Instead Capcom fumbled, tanked their crossover and made a prudent Namco go “You know what? Let’s try a guest character first.” It really is a shame because I did like SFxT and I legitimately like SF5 a little more than I did Super Street Fighter 4 (my favorite edition), but it really isn’t the fault of the games themselves, it all the ones pulling the strings.

I tried to figure exactly where SF5 would take Capcom as a company a while back and I have no answer. I’ve been left dumbfounded and every sarcastic/hating remark, ‘Capcom/SF sucks’ is all fair game. I still think, as far as SF5 itself, it’ll follow the path of Killer Instinct and be better off far down the road. How far, though, is anyone’s guess. I still wish it success, even though I think the window to appease the casual gamers is shut now. I’ll still play and strive to get better at it, but I am done. There is nothing at this point that Capcom can do with this game to impress me. Even if the roster expands to 70 characters and the game grows into some E-sports juggernaut with every feature you can imagine, I’ll be right here saying ‘What took you so long?’ I say that because you look at King of Fighters 14: they have a 50 man roster off the bat, with your game mode necessities & DLC promise! You go back to Tekken Tag Tournament 2, released on home consoles in 2012, over 4 years ago, with 50+ characters on deck, including FREE DLC characters! The roster should be bigger; the game should be fuller, from the start. It was Capcom through Street Fighter that laid down the foundation for everything that we enjoy in the FGC and set the bar high for the competition. Now, rival fighters like Tekken, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, etc seem to be flying over that bar with ease... while Capcom can’t even get out of its own way.

I know it was you, Capcom... I know it was you and you broke my heart.

"I know it was you, Capcom... you broke my heart."

There’s a phrase that goes something like “Cynics are disappointed romantics.” There are some times when I think over the Crapcom state of affairs & I wish it’d go under so that every franchise they own can get a fresh start or revamp somewhere that’s more capable & competent. That thought alone has proven to me just how true that saying is. It can be downright frustrating wanting to put your heart into a game (or anything for that matter), but you just can't because on the other end is nonstop blunders with no outside party to step in to straighten it out. What’s in store for Capcom Cup & the Playstation Experience? I have no idea, I’m actually indifferent about it. Whatever it is, bring it, put it in, get the ball rolling. I’ll be here playing, waiting to be impressed… good luck with that.

I do appreciate your time taken out to go along with this huge vent. I wish you all a very Happy Holidays & a New Year since it’ll be 2017 next time you hear from me. I hope you enjoy your time off and thank you again!

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