The Malloy List – August 2017

Wow! It feels like ages since the last time we etched a name onto the Malloy List. To be fair, though, things have been busy as of late. This month's inductee is a real serious dose...

Since our last addition, Summer Jam XI came & went. While we swapped locales (Chery Hill, NJ instead of the usual weekend in Essington, PA), something very strange caught my attention. Now, usually at most FGC events, Street Fighter V closes the show on Sunday night. Since a few personal things have changed up for a few members of the team, KPB ended up ducking out early on Sunday night. Them bills got to get paid, know what I mean? Anyways, before we left, I happened to notice that it was Injustice 2 actually closing the show on Sunday. That really threw me for a loop. I could also imagine that it may (or possibly may not) have ruffled a few feathers. As such, I think I know a guy who might be able to... keep those metahumans in line, if necessary.

"Fighting dirty" doesn't even come close to describing how this guy rolls...

William Butcher, not to be confused with William Cutting OR Frank Castle (more on that later), is the leader of the covert unit, "the Boys". Billy & his crew operate far, FAR outside the system in order to keep the superpowered population in check. Sometimes, that involves expert surveillance or a little "enthusiastic motivation"  and, other times, it means getting their hands considerably dirty. In case you're wondering how this lot manages to go toe-to-toe with their world's mightiest heroes, the answer to that simple question lies in the chemical cocktail known as Compound V. The result of human experimentation conducted by the Germans during World War II, it grants its users temporary powers and is the source of all superpowers in their world. Depending on the V's purity, the powers can either be temporary or permanent. For the Boys, the mix they got granted them super enhanced strength & durability (which makes putting a beating on any uppity do-gooders remarkably easy). All users should be prepared for some... irregularity in the bathroom, though.

Obviously, there's no mystery as to where I want to put this badass: Injustice 2. Given his penchant for off-the-charts brutality, a V'ed up Butcher basically combines the most unhinged parts of the Punisher's brain with the raw power of Luke Cage all topped off with a younger Michael Caine's accent. I don't care what comic book reality you call home, that is just a terrifying combination. What's even more frightening is the vendetta Billy carries when it comes to "supers". (Grab your hankies, folks.) It all started when the Homelander -- who bears more than a few passing similarities to Superman -- crossed the line with Billy's woman. Long story short, the sordid affair resulted in her death & his disfigurement. Since then, he's dedicated his life to forever being a thorn in the side of entitled superheroes everywhere. That sounds like the absolute perfect fit for the world of Injustice 2.

What makes Butcher such an ingenious/hilarious fit for the game is that he's not above breaking the rules or bringing the heavy stuff to the table when it comes to throwing down. Just imagine a ruthless brawler with overwhelming power (like Bane) who implements parts of the arsenals of the Joker, Red Hood & Deadshot... THAT'S what you get when the Butcher comes to town. Granted, I'm positive his inclusion would kick the ESRB rating up quite a bit, but it would totally be worth it to watch him stomp a mudhole in more than a few DC asses. And, oh, the one-liners this guy would rattle off during the clashes.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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