About KPB

Kick-Punch-Block! is a bunch of gamers particularly of, but not limited to the Fighting genre who just love what we do and have a passion to keep it alive.

Currently based in NYC/Westchester County, we want to deliver more community gaming to the area and beyond, keeping it fresh and fun, but we’re not above kicking asses and taking names in the process.

Friendly casuals, tournament competition and leveling up not only our skills, but the skills of all players in our community is also our goal in this project. Offline gaming is resurrecting itself and we plan to put our best foot forward at making it a mainstay in our culture.

It all started five years ago. Our two founding members, Rodimus Prime (Rodney J. Reid) & Rage (Stephen Chhouth), first met at a Tekken 6 tournament. Prime was competing and Rage running the brackets. From there, a mutual desire to take matters into their own hands was discovered. Together, they would run Tekken 6 Mortal Kombat 9 tournaments. People took notice of their efforts and local gamers started flocking to them. The tournaments didn't last, however, but the makings of a group had started to take shape. Before long, they would venture out to larger tournaments & bigger venues. Rage himself placing within the Top 8 for King of Fighters XIII at APEX 2013 & Rodimus Prime following suit at ECT 2013. They now had a competitive presence and with it, more players approached to become part of what was to be known as Kick-Punch-Block!

No team can function properly without a headquarters. For a time, Prime would hold sessions at his residence with others visiting to not only hang out & test their skills, but to also share notes/technique with one another. It was the confirmation of not just a team... but a family. A family united by their shared loved of gaming. Later that year, the team would be called upon to unofficially stream KOF XIII at a major tournament. Ever the professionals, Prime & Rage answered the call and provided a much needed service in a time of need. With their combined experience, they were able to provide knowledgeable commentary while also being entertaining. Their actions endeared them to the KOF community & a working relationship had been formed with the tournament's organizer. A few months later the same organizer's next event, KPB was brought on as official stream team. Just like that, not only were we viably competitive... we were now a reliable production team, as well. Our visibility within the FGC (Fighting Game Community) was on the rise.

As all families eventually do, though, ours began to grow beyond Prime's apartment. After a protracted search, a new base of operations was found: Clarkson's Corner in Scarsdale, NY. The venue's space was more than sufficient, there were ample amenities within the immediate area in the form of various restaurants & convenience stores and the location was easily reachable via personal or public transportation. It was in this venue that the team's next invaluable asset would present themselves. Originally just a visiting spectator, Aphro Dynamek (Michael J. Dorsey) started to frequent their weekly sessions at the suggestion of team member Cibernetico (Rafael Then). He was impressed to see that such a gathering happened within his reach. More & more sessions would regularly happen on Fridays and Aphro would make it his business to attend. At one point, he was asked if he'd like to attend APEX 2014 with the team. He jumped at the chance. It would be at that event that Rodimus Prime himself would extend an invitation to him. Initially hesitant due to his complete lack of competitive skill, Prime assured him that being a member of Kick-Punch-Block involved more than just playing games. Upon learning that Aphro was a published author running his own Facebook page, Prime offered him the opportunity to both write for the team's website & contribute to their Facebook page. Just like that, KPB had an increased editorial presence.

Aphro proved to be even more useful than originally expected by bringing a wealth of networking skills & connections to the team. By twist of fate, it was learned that, despite generally being quiet in person, he had a knack for commentary. Before long, he was labeled as the "Voice of KPB". Not one to rest on his laurels, he went to work looking for different ways to elevate the team's profile. In doing so, he managed to incorporate well known Miami model/blossoming cosplayer, The Suarez, into the fold. Her inclusion & presence at annual events drew more attention to the team. People from all over the FGC began to take notice for more than just our players doing well. We were a triple threat: a consistent competitive presence, a versatile journalistic figure & an entertainment entity. However, most good things come to an end. Their time at Clarkson's Corner ran its course and the team focused on relegating their concerted presence to larger events.

Over the following months, the team's reputation of reliability & versatility spread further and further. So far, in fact, that a community reached out to us. One day, out of the blue, a Skullgirls player reached out to the team through their Facebook page. He inquired about possibly getting his game of choice streamed at an upcoming event. This is where Aphro's place on the team yet again proved invaluable. Aphro Dynamek was manning the FB page duties when the request was made. Unknown to the player, Aphro loved Skullgirls. After convincing Rodimus Prime & Rage that adding the game to the usual repertoire would bolster the team's presence even more, it was agreed that Kick-Punch-Block would stream Skullgirls at the next major event. What no one involved could possibly know was that the simple act of giving a forsaken community a chance to shine would lead to not only becoming synonymous with the game itself, but would open more doors for the team. Since he was the catalyst, Prime appointed Aphro as the community representative. He would go on throughout the whole 2015 doing everything in his power to elevate the game's visibility and, in turn, do the same for the team. This culminated with KPB streaming one of the largest Skullgirls tournaments in the game's history.

It was during that yearlong push that the next person of interest made their debut. DaPurpleSharpie (Sheila Moore) was a very passionate voice within the Skullgirls community. Towards the end of 2015, just as it had been done to him the year before, Aphro extended to her an invitation to join Kick-Punch-Block. Ecstatic beyond all reasoning, Sharpie jumped at the chance. Excitable like a child on Christmas morning, but as industrious as entire colony of ants, she brought with her extensive organizational skills that, up until her recruitment, the team sorely lacked. Since her inclusion, the team has grown internally by leaps & bounds. Along with her seemingly boundless energy, she brought with her fellow members of the Skullgirls community in order to bolster our versatility on all fronts as well expand KPB across the country. Furthermore, at her insistence, more opportunities have opened up for the team. Our presence & profile is set to expand exponentially over the next few months and Sharpie has been the driving force behind it.

Our family is still growing and if you'd like to be a part of it...

Be sure to check us out online to keep in touch with what we're doing near you!